Christians Against Poverty in Zambia (CAPIZ) founder evangelist Gregory Chileshe says chasing vendors from the streets without finding an alternative place for them to do business will cost the PF in 2021.

Meanwhile Chileshe has urged the ruling party to stop experimenting with the agriculture policy, saying that will land the country into abject poverty.

Commenting on the riots which took place in Kanyama on Friday, Chileshe said it was childish of PF to accuse UPND of organizing the riots in Kanyama.

“This is not time to start saying ‘UPND organised the Kanyama riots’. That’s a childish way of responding to issues and it also dents the image of the PF as a party. When you say that UPND organised the riots, it only proves that UPND is siding with the people who are suffering because they are not selling their goods. And you the PF are on the wrong side because you can’t show [solidarity] with these people. The PF should have said ‘okay we understand that people are demonstrating about this issue and we are going to look into the matter,” Evangelist Chileshe said.

“The cleaning exercise was a brilliant idea, but with no plan. The removal of people from the streets should have been well planned. Before they chased these people they should have found an alternative place. Because these people are struggling to raise their children, they are struggling to earn a living. And this may mark the end of the PF. The hurt that these people are feeling is directed towards the President and the PF. The problem that’s there is that this kind of a move leaves injuries, it leaves a mark in the hearts of the people that cannot be forgotten. And that mark can even reach up to the 2021 elections.”

Meanwhile, Evangelist Chileshe urged government to desist from putting wrong people in the ministry of agriculture because it would land the country into poverty.

“The agriculture policy appears to be a sham in the PF government.There is a possibility of the sector under performing in 2019 and if not careful, will be a perpetual failure into the 2021 election year and the PF will be judged harshly. We should stop experimenting with the agriculture policy or we will land the country into serious poverty. We have experimented its enough, this system of putting wrong people in the ministry of agriculture should come to an end,” said Evangelist Chileshe.

“Another issue is that most farmers have stopped growing maize because of government’s decision to set K60 as the price for a 50kg bag of maize. I saw it myself as I was touring. There is no hope for Zambia. E-voucher, late delivery of agro inputs,the possible outbreak of army worms have aided to the finishing of the agriculture policy under PF.”