Newly appointed Zambian Ambassador to Australia Frank Bwalya says President Edgar Lungu has a heart of gold which he will emulate as he takes up his new role.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has reminded diplomats not to resist when they are recalled because he reserves the right to hire and fire.

Speaking to journalists after being sworn in today, Bwalya said he would uphold President Lungu’s values.

“President Lungu represents a Zambia where people live a dignified life now you can’t talk about people living a dignified life unless they have got running water, social amenities, health and so on. That is what President Lungu represents in this country and I know so as I go to represent him in Australia, I would like to believe that I will do an effective job. I also want to say that I am one of those people who have been privilege to come close President Edgar Lungu and be able to peep into his chest and see that this man truly has a heart of gold where concern for the Zambian people is concerned and that is what I am going to advance,” said Bwalya.

Meanwhile, President Lungu reminded diplomats appointed to various countries to bear in mind that he reserves the right to hire and fire.

He said those appointed into foreign service should not resist when recalled or deployed elsewhere.

President Lungu said it was sad that some people were alleging that diplomats being recalled are those linked to a former minister.

He said diplomats should know that the power to hire and fire was vested in the Head of State.

President Lungu also urged Bwalya to work hard and see what Zambia can learn from Australia’s rich mining history.
He encouraged Mr Bwalya to continue being Godly as he saves the people of Zambia.