Community Development Minister Emerine Kabanshi has told Samfya residents that no one else will give them money the way President Edgar Lungu is giving them.

And her Housing and Infrastructure Development counterpart Ronald Chitotela assured the residents that all developmental projects will be completed in the area because they overwhelmingly voted for the ruling party.

Speaking at a rally in Samfya last week, Kabanshi, who is also Luapula PF member of parliament, told voters that President Lungu had a heart for the poor and no one else could match the level at which he was giving out money.

“Ba Lungu bali bomba. Bali mupela ulupiya uwabalanda kuno ku Samfya, impendwa ifikile kuli 17,000 abantu bali pali social cash transfer. Ukufuma apo banamayo, mwe bali 2000 nalimiletela ama phone, namutampa nokufola ama K1,000 mwebali 2000. Bushe kukaba umuntu ukeisa mipela impiya efyo baLungu balemipela? Takwakabe aini? (Mr Lungu has worked. He gave you money for the poor here in Samfya and the social cash transfer programme has reached 17,000 people. And for the women, I already brought phones for 2000 of you and you are already getting paid K1,000 each. Do you think anyone else will come and give you money the way Mr Lungu is giving you? There will be no one),” said Kabanshi.

“Social cash transfer nalamipela naiimbi ikeisafika 23,000 (social cash transfer will reach more people so that it covers 23,000 people). Eh kumitemwa bamitemwa baLungu (this is how much Mr Lungu loves you).”

And Chitotela, who is also Pambashe PF member of parliament, assured them that all roads in the area would be completed because both himself and President Lungu owed it to the residents for their election victory.

Chitotela also asked the residents if they wanted President Lungu to be their candidate in 2021.

“Ng’umbo residents, do you accept that Mr Edgar Lungu should be our candidate in 2021? Raise your hands if you think he should be our candidate,” said Chitotela as the residents raised their hands in approval.