Patriotic Front National Youth Chairman Stephen Kampyongo has assured farmers in Eastern Province that government will make sure the e-voucher system works well this year.

And Kampyongo says people should be weary of politicians like Chishimba Kambwili who want to become president when they failed to do anything for the youth whilst in key positions.

Speaking when he delivered K75,000 youth empowerment fund to Luangwa district, Kampyongo, who is also Minister of Home Affairs, said government had taken note of all the challenges with the e-voucher system.

“We know that the e-voucher system, which we introduced to get rid of theft didn’t go well in the beginning. As government we know what you went through. Now you know where were coming from, what used to happen was that when you were in a cooperative, the owner of the cooperative is the one who used to benefit. But this e-voucher system which we have brought, although it has started with some problems, it is the one which will empower you the small scale farmers. Each farmer has their own card, there is nothing like cooperative. This year, we want the seed and fertiliser to come very fast, even the cards will be activated in good time so that you can redeem what you need without problems. Those who want this programme to fail are those who used to benefit,” Kampyongo said.

He said government would fire all civil servants frustrating government’s efforts.

“This year we will fire all those who do not want to work for the way government wants in order to help the people. Ba DC, where I come from we start by scolding a person first and if they don’t listen, that’s when you pull out a whip. The president is reshuffling all of us, even in a game of soccer if you are not scoring, they remove you and bring in a striker to score. So the president has moved people around and he has given warnings that he wants to see some change.
Now to the officer on the lower ranks, the DCs, all the officers who you supervise, you must take stock of all of them. Those who are frustrating government, we are going to kick them out and they are going to be on the streets. Those who want to show that government isn’t working will be the first ones to be kicked out because as government we are bringing sensible programmes. So all those who mess up when registering farmers, we want to know them. I know that the farmers suffered a lot of make those cards work, others, their names didn’t even come out [but] this year, we want everything to go smoothly. All thieves shall be arrested,” he said.

Kampyongo asked those who wanted to see development in their areas to work with the PF.

“The party in power is the PF so if you don’t want to work with PF, where will you get development? For us we only care about the people because they are the ones who make up government. Don’t be too busy for your people. Don’t be busy for your party because the party is number one, the party is supreme. For us we have come here to visit you because we respect you so we want the party here to become stronger,” he said.

And Kampyongo took a swipe at Kambwili saying he failed to do anything for the youth when he served as National PF youth chairman.

“You can form groups in all wards and see what you can start working on. Money is never enough and money is never too little…so what I have brought for you today is just to help you start from somewhere. It is a party programme. I know some of you have never seen something like this before. We once had someone, I wont mention his name, he used to be our chairman until 2015. That person, he was also given a government position to look after the youth, we were waiting to see what would happen but we just saw the chairman, even though he used to have a body like mine, we were just shocked to see him getting bigger and his neck expanded like a pig. When we ask ‘what’s happening there’, he would say ‘we shall come’, ‘when will you come?’…now you want to come to us the youth that you want to be president, what will you give us? I haven’t mentioned his name but you know him. Now all his does is insulting with his thick neck. He came to us to say he wants to be president and we should help him organise young people, we told him to ‘fork off’. We said you were youth chairman you never gave us anything, what will you give us when you become president? Get out!” said Kampyongo.