A PF sympathiser, calling himself a Private Investigator, David Silubanje says he has discovered a foreign sponsored scheme under which UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is offering $1 million to each independent MP to support the impeachment motion.

Silubanje who is also former Kabwata constituency Chairperson told the media at a briefing that meetings between Hichilema and the MPs have been arranged for each MP to sign the petition and receive a $250, 000 down payment.

He charged that two PF back-benches have been targeted.

“I have come across a foreign sponsored scheme under which the UPND leader is offering $1 million to each independent MP to support the so called impeachment motion. One on one meeting between HH and MPs have been arranged for each MP to sign up to the petition and receive down payment of $250, 000, another $250, 000 when the motion is tabled, and the final $500, 000 if the motion succeeds. A South African based Foundation has provided the funds for buying off MPs and legal fees for any eventuality in the process,” Silubanje charged.

But Silubanje said he would not name the foreign company.

“Two PF back-benches are being targeted as well. I shall make full disclosure of the bribery scheme once we re-examine the situation. The desperation by the UPND and HH in particular to seek back door machinations to get state power is totally unacceptable and must be resisted by well-meaning citizens of this country,” he said.

And Silubanje warned People’s party leader Mike Mulongoti that his malicious campaign against President Edgar Lungu’s citizenship would land him in problems.

“I also regret to inform the nation that Mike Mulongoti, a former minister sworn to defend the truth and integrity of the nation can deliberately begin to malign the Head of State to justify a monthly allowance being paid by HH to him. Mike Mulongoti should know that his malicious campaign against the president over citizenship will land him into trouble,” Silubanje said.

Meanwhile PF deputy media director Antonio Mwanza challenged both Hichilema and Mulongoti to come out clean and refute the allegations.

“So we are so sad as leaders of the patriotic front that we have an opposition that has no direction. So we are challenging them to come out clean and refuse that these things are not real. Hakainde Hichilema is not interested in the dialogue, not even a bit. What he is interested in is to raise his international profile to the outside community so that he can continue collecting these sums of money which he has been collecting and continue to fund confusion in the country. This is the only president who goes out of the country and starts to talk ill of his own country which he claims he wants to rule,” said Mwanza.