President Edgar Lungu says he has a lot of power but he only uses it when necessary.

And President Lungu says he will not allow a person who is not a democrat to go to State House.

Meanwhile, President Lungu says dialogue will go on with or without those who feel Zambia can go to sleep without them.

Speaking upon arrival at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International airport in Ndola today, President Lungu said people should not take his silence for weakness.

“I am a peaceful man. But it does not mean that if I am peaceful then I am not strong. Some think that when you are peaceful then you don’t have power, no power I have. We only use power when there is necessity to use power. I have a lot of power but I but I just watch and listen,” President Lungu said.

And President Lungu said he could not allow anyone who wasn’t a democrat to go to State House.

“This is the peace that I know. Copperbelt is where there is power. That is the reason I want to be here on the Copperbelt as often as possible, because if you people on the Copperbelt have a cough, others will have Tuberculosis. Am very happy with what am seeing, I can see that peace has continued on the Copperbelt. I can see that you are democrats. You want to ensure that that what we have chosen for our selves is democracy. Democracy means we choose for ourselves the leaders we want. Let me emphasis that Zambia is a democratic state and we can’t allow people who are not democrats to go to state house. Zambia is constititionally a democratic state. Therefore it is imperative that those who are democrats, in their deeds, are the ones who go to state house. So ba PF I want to promise you that I will support democracy to the end of my time because that is what we chose,” he said.

“There is a party where you are a president, you form a party and refusing to go for convention where people can endorse you and give you the mandate to rule over them, it is not right. You just form a party and tell your friends, we have a party, what kind of leadership is that? What kind of democracy is that? Go so that people can chose you even if you are 12 of you. Even Jesus had 12 disciples and chose Peter to lead them. Leadership comes from the people. So I want to assure you that I will follow democracy.”

President Lungu said he would not impose a successor on PF once his time was up.

“Even me, when time comes to leave PF, you will choose a leader when time comes. I will not impose anyone. I want to make it very clear. So if you want peace let us work for peace. Those of us who want peace, let’s work for it. Those who want to destroy the country, guide them to do what is right. Because I have heard some people that they are refusing to dialogue. When you dialogue you get the best out of everything. So all who want to work with us are welcome, those who don’t to talk to us, let them go their way,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Lungu said dialogue would go on with those who were willing to make Zambia prosper.

“We have embarked on a process of refining the constitution. We have embarked upon the process of trying to see what we can do with the public order act. We have embarked upon the process of trying to see what we can do with the electoral process and those who want to talk to us are welcome. Those that don’t want can remain because Zambia is not for one person, it is for all of us. There are leaders who think that talks cannot be held unless they are there, it’s a lie! Those who think without them the country will go to sleep they are lying. Zambia is bigger than individuals,” said President Lungu.

“But let me repeat that I am happy with the peace in Kalulushi and Mufulira during this electoral process we have embarked upon. Fools can destroy our peace and it is us who can suffer. Dialogue, dialogue is the way to go. We continue to talk to each other. Even fools should be given space to speak because concidently they can make sense and we get something. Let them have their say and we have our way. Let us listen to what the people are saying…Let them have their say, we will have our way. The most important thing is that when they talk some sense, we will pick something and use it.”