Any candidate contesting the forthcoming mayoral by-election in Lusaka because he have no job is only going to participate in the thieving going on in the PF government, says NDC leaders Chishimba Kambwili.

Meanwhile Kambwili’s lawyers have rejected the state’s application to tender in photocopied documents as evidence in a matter in which he is charged with contempt of court.

Speaking after court proceedings, Thursday, Kambwili cautioned voters to be careful of candidates vying for the Lusaka mayoral position who have no jobs as they were going to steal.

“First and foremost, you must know that when a party files for a candidate then they are prepared. Those who were not prepared, couldn’t file. So, for us, we are prepared. We have a candidate, and a very sellable candidate. We are not like these candidates who had no jobs, they want to rebuild their financial standing. How can somebody who wants to be mayor say, ‘I want a job?'” mocked Kambwili in apparent reference to PF candidate Miles Sampa who said, Wednesday, that he was jobless and needed an income.

So, he is not going there for service, he is going there for a job. If he is going for a job in an environment where all leaders, including the President, are thieves he is also going to steal! So be careful, Lusaka people, avoid these thieves,” Kambwili pleaded.

Asked to confirm if he had taken up the position of 2021 presidential candidate in 2021, as stated by party secretary general Mwenya Musenge, Kambwili denied said he would remain a consultant for the party until further notice.

“Am I Mwenya Musenge? Go and ask Mwenya Musenge who said [that]. If he works for Zesco and an employee from Zambia State Insurance says, ‘we want him to be our managing director in 2014,’ that’s his opinion. Go and ask the NDC, me I’m its consultant, for now. We will cross the bridge when we get there. Have you ever heard that, ‘Chishimba Kambwili is NDC president’ or you just listen that NDC consultant?’ Make a difference! The issue Mwenya Musenge raised is an offer. When there is an offer, there is an offer and an acceptance. So, there is an offer, we will wait for an acceptance at an appropriate time,” Kambwili responded.

Meanwhile, Kambwili’s defence lawyers, in the matter he is charged with contempt of court, rejected the state’s application to tender in photocopied documents as evidence, saying there should be no shortcuts in the pursuit for justice.

In this matter Chilufya Tayali, who is EPP leader, alleged that Kambwili tampered with evidence in a case in which the latter is facing three counts of forgery, uttering false documents and giving false information to a public officer.

And when the matter came for commencement of trial before Magistrate Nsunge Chanda, a witness identified as Lameck Mwenya 42, a manager in charge of registration at PACRA, testified that in March this year, he discovered that particulars of the two directors at Mwamona Engineering and Technical Services had been changed.

“On March 6, 2018, I was before Honourable Simusamba’s court where I came to testify in a matter where Chishimba Kambwili was the accused. The matter concerned issues to do with the directorship of the company called Mwamona Engineering and Technical Services Limited. When I went back to the office towards 17 hours, I went through the daily transactions and found that there were some changes made to the documents for Mwamona,” Mwenya said.

“The changes made were particulars of the two directors namely Mwamba Chishimba and Carol Chansa. The company lodged the Notice of Change of Directors, Secretaries and Particulars, a general affidavit verifying facts and a Declaration of Concern to Act as Director. Even the NRC of Mwamba Chishimba changed based on the documents lodged on that particular day.”

And when the state wanted to tender in the documents as evidence, the defence lawyer objected.

“The court must see the best evidence and once it has seen for itself that this is the best evidence, then an application to substitute with the secondary evidence is allowed. There should be no short cut when it comes to matters of justice,” Mweemba said.

And passing ruling, Magistrate Chanda sustained the defence’s objection and directed the state to apply to Magistrate Simusamba to release the original documents and bring them before court as best evidence.

The matter has since been adjourned to July 12 and August 20 for continued trial.