NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili has written to Secretary to the Cabinet Rowland Msiska asking for guidance on how he can pay back salaries and other emoluments accrued during his illegal stay in office.

But Kambwili says he will issue a bill to government for the services he rendered since President Edgar Lungu is the one who misled him by pretending to understand legal matters.

“I write to your esteemed office to formally request your office for guidance on how I should pay back my earned salary and emoluments during the time I was minister from the time of dissolution of parliament in 2016 up to the time the Constitutional Court delivered its Judgment in the case of Steven Katuka & LAZ v The Attorney General, Ngosa Simbyakula and 63 Others.
I must also bring it to your attention that I have every intention of pursuing a claim against the state immediately I pay back that money upon your guidance as to modalities for a full refund as I did not impose my continued stay in office but was misled by the appointing authority who at the time claimed to be equally knowledgeable in matters of law and its interpretation,” wrote Kambwili who is also Roan PF member of parliament.

“I look forward to your prompt response as it is imperative for every citizen to obey court orders and to respect the Judiciary even when one does not agree with its findings.”