President Edgar Lungu has forcibly retired Zambia Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) director Webby Shula.

Shula who also once served as late president Michael Sata’s aide-de-camp (ADC) was retired in national interest this week and replaced by Senior Assistant Commissioner Michael Nsomfwa, who has since been promoted to the rank of deputy commissioner of police.

Although his retirement letter did not state reasons for his unsolicited retirement, News Diggers! has learnt that Shula had a tiff with Director of Public Prosecutions Lillian Siyunyi over some criminal investigations which he was superintending over.

“CID director is in charge of all criminal investigations the whole country. So his retirement, or rather dismissal sends a shock wave in the [police] service because this could mean more than what is just on the surface. Already, there is the aspect of the issues between him and the DPP which are suspected to have triggered this decision,” sources told News Diggers.

“There seems to have been some disagreement over a matter that Shula and his team was investigating, which the DPP took interest in because it involved some dirty police officers within the system who apparently were accused of stealing exhibits in form of money from an Indian businessman. So you can’t say that his handling of this case is the reason for him being retired, but that is the only matter that one can reasonably connect to his dropping.”