Democratic Party (DP) 2021 presidential aspiring candidate Harry Kalaba says Zambia will collapse if PF is allowed continue governing beyond 2021.

And Kalaba says his party will first focus on mobilising itself and making itself know before joining any alliance.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme Tuesday, Kalaba also said that he wouldn’t want to drag Shepherd Bushiri’s name into cheap politics by listening to those saying that he has decided to stand in 2021 because of a prophecy that he will be the next president.

“This issue is not even about the PF [and] that is why I have looked at this thing from a very holistic point of view. What requires to be done now is a change of system. Unfortunately the PF leadership in its current state is not capable of changing the system because the system that is currently obtaining is obsolete. It requires to be challenged and it requires someone who can be very radical when it comes to doing things like that. I will be very radical myself in the beginning [and] so many things will have to be called to order for us to make progress because when you don’t do that then there is a problem,’ Kalaba said.

“If the PF leadership was capable of turning the fortunes around, I would not even have resigned. That’s why I was saying, to have this leadership of the PF continue beyond 2021 will be catastrophic. It will be vey catastrophic for this country because this leadership believes in business as usual. You need to think outside the box. Look , just know that the PF will be kicked out in 2021.”

He said joining the alliance was not DP’s priority for now because the party needed to get stronger first.

“I think for me these things of alliances, no. First of all the people that have invited me to work with them, the Democratic Party, this is just a new party on the scene, strictly speaking and they require to spread the tentacles. They require to make themselves strong, they require to mobilise so that they can get stronger. So they need to restrict themselves to getting stronger [and] when they get stronger, those issues of trying to be with that one and that one will come later,” Kalaba said.

Asked whether if it were true that he took his path after Shepherd Bushiri’s prophecy that he was going to win the presidency in 2021, Kalaba said he would not be part of those who want to drag a man of God into cheap politics, but said he received the prophesy with both hands.

“First of all how I wish that story is true, if that story is true, I receive it in Jesus’ name so that it happens as it has been said, but the truth is that people will say all kinds of things in politics and for me I am now used. What I will pick I will pick, what I will ignore I will ignore. The fact is I am a Christian and I will continue being a Christian and there are fathers in the Christian faith that I listen to. Whether it is Shepherd Bushiri or not, I am saying Shepherd Bushiri is a prophet of God, respected by many and we are not going to drag him in cheap politics and I refuse to be part of those that want to mudsling a man of God, I say no,” Kalaba said.

And the former foreign affairs minister said if elected President he would stop “the nonsense” of businessmen dancing to the tune of the governing party in older for them to win government contracts.

“What kind of a country is this that unless you sing ‘PF’ that is when you are going to get a contract? If you have got a contract and you are singing another song, they will say ‘no he is not supporting us.’ Who told them that in this country unless you belong to the PF that is when you can have a meal? Who told them that unless you belong to the PF that is when you can breathe? Who told anybody that unless you become PF that is when your children should go to school? We are supposed to be guaranteed by virtue of being Zambians and that is why I have said even though our aspirations might be singular, we as a people, we as a country have got a shared destiny. here is no shop for Democratic party just like there is no shop for the UPND, I am yet to find one. There should even be nothing like because I am a business man and I should dance to the tune of PF, I am going to end this. I will stop this nonsense,” said Kalaba.