Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II says leaders who shunned the launch of the national dialogue and reconciliation should sit and reflect for the benefit of peace to prevail in the nation.

And the Church says it will not remain mute and watch politicians divide the country.

Speaking to journalists shortly after the launch at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka on January 18, Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II said she was shocked that some people decided to shun the meeting organized by the church.

“I came as a traditional leader because as a traditional leader, I need peace for my people and everybody. So this is important and I am sad at other people who are not able to come. There is no politics which was talked here, it’s reconciliation, peace and stability for everybody. My appeal to those who shun this ceremony is that, let them reflect. They are our leaders, they should be in the forefront to create peace for us, to create an environment that is conducive to
everyone. Now, I didn’t see any reason myself why other people chose to avoid this,” Chieftainess Nkomeshya said.

She insisted that there was need for reconciliation amongst leaders.

“We need our leaders to come together and reconcile. This issue of name calling is not good for the nation. Yes, we are human beings with differences but at one time we need to come together and discuss issues among ourselves. So let them reflect because Zambians want this process to succeed and bring the results. Let them stop fighting,” said Chieftainess Nkomeshya.

And the Church said it would not stay silent whilst politicians divided the country.

“One of the most common reasons for division and conflict in many countries emanate from lack of dialogue. Genuine dialogue demands openness of mind and heart. Accepting to be vulnerable; to adopt a spirit that allows the possibility to lose in order to win. We the Church Mother Bodies have received the mandate from the Lord to reconcile individuals and communities. We will stand and endure all that has been said about us and will continue to be said about us regarding this work of facilitating the national dialogue and reconciliation. However, faithful to our prophetic mission, the project does not now bar us

Clergymen at the launch of National Dialogue and Reconciliation at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka on January 18, 2019 – Picture by Tenson Mkhala

from helping people to see where injustice is, especially situations which demand condemnation and where necessary to appreciate. We will not remain mute and see this Country get divided by politicians who refuse to dialogue and reconcile,” said ambia Conference of Catholic Bishops president Bishop George Lungu.

“We cannot afford to be divided as a nation and as church in this ministry which, by the way, is not limited to the three church mother bodies, but to all the anointed servants of the Lord. With this disposition, we will be able to add value to the process and we will help bring about genuine reconciliation that will produce desired results of lasting peace in this country. Let us remember, ‘an army of well organised ants can conquer an elephant’. Let us aim to unite and
work together on this noble project.”

Among the political parties that attended the national dialogue and reconciliation launch were UPND, NAREP, MMD, DP and NDC.

Meanwhile, the ruling PF shunned the launch.

Political Party leaders release some balloons shortly after the launch of National Dialogue framework at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka on January 18, 2019 – Picture by Tenson Mkhala