The Opposition Alliance has kicked out People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) for allegedly undermining the values, aspirations and objectives of the group.

Alliance chairperson for media and finance sub-committee Sean Tembo announced at a press briefing in Lusaka, Wednesday, that the decision was made at a meeting held at Pamodzi Hotel, Tuesday.

Tembo charged that the “level of infection” that PAC had on the Opposition Alliance was so advanced, hence the decision to amputate it.

“Just like any other living organism, the Alliance is bound to develop an infection every now and then. As a way of guarding against opportunistic infections, the Opposition Alliance undergoes regular medical check-ups. It was during one of those routine medical check-ups that the Opposition Alliance realised that one of its toes had developed an infection. The level of infection was so advanced that all efforts to try and save the toe were unsuccessful and the Opposition Alliance decided to take the painful decision to amputate this toe, for fear of the infection spreading to the entire foot and possibly the leg of the Alliance,” Tembo explained.

He said after partying company with PAC, the Opposition Alliance had remained with 12 political parties.

“It is on the basis of the above analogy that we wish to announce that the Opposition Alliance at its meeting held at Pamodzi Hotel yesterday (Tuesday), decided to part-company with the People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) political party. That now puts the total number of members of the Opposition Alliance to 12 credible opposition political parties that are truly committed to delivering a better Zambia to the citizens of this Republic without compromising themselves through being used by the oppressors to undermine the aspirations and existence of the Alliance,” Tembo narrated.

He further said that the credibility of Alliance members would not be compromised at the expense of any individual.

“We in the Opposition Alliance have stressed the fact that the Alliance is made up and shall be made up of credible opposition political parties only. Our standards regarding the level of credibility of each one of our constituent members cannot, will not and shall not be compromised. We have also always laboured to explain the fact that the Opposition Alliance is a living organism, which means that during the course of its life, some additional members would join the Alliance while some will leave or be asked to leave the Alliance, but the Alliance itself will live on, long after we have delivered the much-needed landslide electoral victory in 2021 and change the lives of our people for the better,” said Tembo.