PF youths have warned ruling party members of parliament who are positioning themselves to challenge President Edgar Lungu for the 2021 candidacy to back down and shelve their ambitions.

Speaking during a PF interactive forum, Sunday, PF Copperbelt youth Chairperson Don Mungulube, who read the resolution on behalf of all PF Provincial youth chairmen who recently met in Lusaka, said PF youths had resolved that President Lungu was the sole candidate in 2021, whether
other party members agreed or not.

“I want to take this opportunity to announce the resolution that we made yesterday when we met with the national executive. We decided to endorse His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as our candidate for 2021. This follows the case that was before the Constitutional Court where His Excellency the humble President of this Republic was cleared and it’s on record that he is eligible to stand,” Mungulube said.

“I want to take this opportunity as well to advise our MPs countrywide that this is a youth resolution and because we have made this resolution, we love them so much and we are going to protect them, but let them manage their ambitions very well. As youths for PF, we are resolved and we have agreed that we are going with ECL in 2021, whether you like it or not, it’s ‘Dinda 2021 under ECL.”

Mungulube also warned individuals who were positioning themselves to take over from PF MPs in 2021, to stop campaigning as they were disturbing the incumbent MPs from working.

“Let me warn all those that are trying to distabilise our hardworking MPs, who are going round, giving whatever they have to give in the name of helping but they have got hidden agenda, wanting to takeover from the already elected MPs, we are not going to allow that,” Mungulube said.

Mungulube said the PF national executive had instructed all youth leaders in the PF to
stop ferrying cadres to places where there are by-elections.

“We will have a by-election on the Copperbelt, caused by someone who used to be one of our own, we call him ‘paci fentelo’, we resolved that we are not going to allow the movement of youths from one point to another in the name of campaigns. This is the resolution of all youths in Zambia that means anyone who will be found moving from one point to another, they are supposed to have from where they are coming and where they are going or else they are not going to be entertained. We were advised to take stock of youths by the national executive and maintain order, because this is a peaceful party that is led by a God fearing leaders in the name of ECL,” said Mungulube.