C5 police yesterday caused commotion around Arcades and East Park Mall in Lusaka as they held a funeral procession of one of their colleagues.

A convoy of about 20 ‘private’ vehicles driving at high speed moved from East to West direction, with gun-toting plain-clothed officers who were literally latching on to the speeding cars.

As the convoy passed University of Zambia approaching Arcades round about, the officers opened fire into the air, sending motorists into panic.

“I was so terrified. It was not clear whether there was a robbery somewhere or they were chasing after someone. I know how C5 police move but i have never seen anything like that in my life. They were firing in the air as they drove at high speed,” narrated one motorist who witnessed the incident.

Police sources disclosed that their was an officer called Sgt Kumoyo who was a member of the C5 squad who had died and was being put to rest, Thursday.

But acting police spokesperson Danny Mwale, who was at pains to explain why the officers behaved in that manner, said he would issue an official statement later in the day, which he did not do by press time.