Zambia Centre for Communications Programmes (ZCCP) executive director Johans Mtonga says the actions by Chifubu PF member of parliament Frank Ngambi to torture and assault his wife is totally unacceptable and does not befit his title of honourable.

And Mtonga has wondered how Ngambi will debate the criminalisation of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in parliament following his behaviour.

Last week, police on the Copperbelt arrested and charged Ngambi with assault after he beat up his second wife Mubanga Chikumo of Ndola and allegedly broke her jaws in a domestic dispute.

Mtonga in a statement condemned Ngambi’s action further calling for justice to prevail in the matter.

“Zambia Centre for Communication Programmes(ZCCP) strongly condemns the violent act of Chifubu Member of Parliament Honourable Frank Ng’ambi who recently physically assaulted his wife. Zambian Parliament of which he is a member enacted the Anti-Gender Based Violence (GBV) Act of 2011 which criminalises gender-based-violence. This law does not exempt him at all. We have seen the efforts by the first family to reach out to all Zambians to espouse the spirit of balancing power and family values, especially for vulnerable women and girls. This defeats the whole purpose for their efforts as GBV and ending Child marriages especially if criminal acts are committed by those that share ideals of the vision to lead a peaceful, prosperous, gender-based violence free country. As a legislator, Honourable Ng’ambi should know that GBV is a cost to the country because medication administered to such induced illnesses should have served other people. Productive time from family members, police, health staff is lost just because of an act that he should have controlled through dialogue,” Mtonga stated.

And Mtonga pleaded with the victim’s family not to withdraw the case at any cost because Ngambi was not exempted from law.

“As our civic leader, he is supposed to lead by example as a role model to boys, young men and all men on what it takes to be a good husband even when there are misunderstandings. Violence at family level, unfortunately, leads to violence at community and national level. We, therefore, demand that; This case should not be withdrawn at any cost. The case should reach a logical legal justice system so that justice is seen to be served. The rights of Mrs Ng’ambi must be fully protected and she should continue enjoying her Human Rights as a married woman. Since he has demonstrated that he is violent, Honourable Ng’ambi should step down as Member of Parliament on moral grounds. How will he debate criminalisation of GBV on the floor of the house as an Honourable Member? His action is totally unacceptable and not at all befitting his title of honour. As advocates and activists to end gender-based violence in Zambia, we are calling upon all stakeholders especially the police to ensure that this case is investigated on merit without any political influence considering that he walks the corridors of power and influence,” stated Mtonga.