South Africa’s media personality Somizi Mhlongo says it is unfortunate that Zambian National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili preaches acceptance and love but does the opposite.

Last week, Rev Sumaili banned Somizi from coming to Zambia at PR Girl Media’s invitation to grace the Lusaka July on account of his sexual orientation.

Rev Sumaili said inviting a gay person to Zambia would corrupt citizen’s morals because it is a Christian nation.

But in an interview, Somizi said when he heard he was banned from coming to Zambia, he rolled his eyes because he did not intend on coming anyway.

“First of all I was invited to some event in Zambia, I think so, when I heard I was not allowed or banned from the country I rolled my eyes because I never at any point intended to visit Zambia in the first place, I did not even know they had issues with people that are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Intersex (LGBTQI). When I realized that I felt so bad for the LGBTQI living in that country!” Somizi said.

“And I might not want to set my foot in that country any way! Because I was born in a country where my constitution gives me the right to live a free life regardless of my colour creed or sexual orientation.”

He said Rev Sumaili’s reasoning was absurd.

“And for the minister to think my coming will make her people more gayer than they are is absurd! Oppressing people for the sexual orientation won’t change them! It’s like a racist thinking that oppressing of black people will make them less black. They were born that way. It’s such a shame actually especially coming from a so called self righteous minister of religious whatever! When they are supposed to preach love and acceptance, they act the opposite,” said Somizi, who also sent some love to his Zambian fans.

“To my fans that side, I say thank you for the love. I love you. They must know that one day they will all be free and they will be welcomed in my country as they are and this doesn’t change how I feel about your country, its a beautiful country with beautiful people, I refuse to let one opinion of me change how I feel and respect the people of Zambia.”