President Edgar Lungu says those who are going around maligning his “good name” by saying he is interfering with court cases are wasting their time because he is not the type to do so.

And President Lungu has asked Copperbelt Province Chairman Nathan Chanda to win back the support of the people in the province by providing leadership.

Meanwhile, Copperbelt Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe says Konkola Copper Mines is operating on full capacity under Milingo Lungu’s charge and salaries are being paid on time.

Speaking upon arrival at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport in Ndola, Friday, the Head of State said being a lawyer, he respected the law and therefore, claims that his comments on KCM were contemptuous, were unfounded.

“People are thinking I am playing games over Konkola Copper Mines, I am not playing games. It’s a political decision made, it’s an economic decision we made. We know the implications, but we are ready to follow the due process of the law. So don’t be cheated and think that we are relenting or we are going to pull back. No, we are going ahead. Because the power is with you, the power is with us. I just hope that those who are invoking the law are being slow, they shouldn’t frustrate us because there is a point beyond which they can’t go…I have heard that they even rushed to court saying ‘Lungu is being contemptuous, he is talking about a court case’. If there is anyone who respects the law in this country, I am number one because I am a lawyer myself. So for those going around trying to malign my good name by saying he is interfering with the due process in the courts of law are just wasting their time because I am not the type,” President Lungu said.

“I will respect the law but I will do my part and my part is to ensure that power belongs to the people of Zambia, including economic power.”

And President Lungu said if the squabbles within the party were not stopped, they would destroy the party.

“I’m humbled by the love you show me. I realise that your value and love for me is genuine and I should love you back the same way…When things are tough, I should be able to say ‘it is tough’ when it’s time to fight, I should be able to say ‘I will provide leadership we will fight’. Coming to the people in the party, please provide leadership. Ba Nathan Chanda please, provide leadership. Don’t allow squabbles. We will not allow squabbles in our politics. I know what’s going on. I know what’s going on in Mufulira, Ndola, Luanshya, I know what’s going on but I urge you to take back the support of the people by providing leadership. You can’t be bothered with everyone. I know that in leadership, you have to make tough decisions sometimes, you keep nursing squabbles in our camps, you will destroy the party. Put your foot down, someone is wrong, tell him ‘you’re wrong’ but just respect processes. If you have been injured, know how to appeal, don’t just say ‘I am leaving this party, I am quitting’. All of you who are subject of discipline, wrong or right, don’t say you’re going to quit, it means you’re not committed because if you are, you will be able to say ‘let me appeal my case’ and appeal so that it is considered, it can go up to the central committee and the president,” said President Lungu.

“Those who keep threatening to quit, it just means you’re not with us. I want to expose those of you who are in the party for wrong reasons. If you came here to try and make money or for positions, we won’t allow you. You came here to work for the Zambian people. I must emphasize that PF is bigger than any individual member. I want to emphasize that PF is bigger than any individual member. There are those who think that the party will suffer if they leave. Where are we now? We are even stronger. So if they don’t want to be with us, they should leave.”

Meanwhile, Mwakalombe said KCM was operating at full capacity and even contractors were being paid in phases.

“The whole country was looking miserable trying to think, to speculate on what was happening at KCM. Today, we have few media houses that are disgruntled, that have been mentioned spreading rumors that we have not paid people at KCM. Your Excellency, I want to mention here that KCM is full in operation and the smelter is working and as we are talking, we are processing copper because of your leadership. Those people, the contractors who had lost hope, today, they are being paid. We are paying in portions because we cannot pay all of them at the same time but I want to assure you that this information is at KCM, sitting there, showing your leadership. On 28th of June, the workers at KCM were paid and therefore, I want to assure you that you should not be moved by those rumor mongers who are saying we have not paid the workers,” said Mwakalombe.