Southern African Network Against Corruption (SANAC) has appealed to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to appeal the verdict of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela’s case.

In a statement, Monday, SANAC deputy director for advocacy Darius Serenje stated that the public was anxious to know how a mere cabinet minister acquired such property within a short period of time.

“As Southern African Network Against Corruption (SANAC) we have reservations on the verdict of the Chitotela case but we accord it due respect. However, it is important to state that we understand that the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is a well equipped institution that could not arrive at arresting anyone unless they have overwhelmingly exhausted their investigations and have evidence enough for prosecution purposes. Secondly, arresting the same individual, a high profile person for that matter, more than once is not a walk in the park. It must be a very serious matter as it has never happened before that a sitting Cabinet Minister could be investigated and arrested more than once in a roll,” Serenje stated.

He stated that his organization believes that the ACC had gathered enough evidence to prove the case before taking the matter to court.

“This gives us the conclusion that the ACC had and has genuine charges against the aforementioned individual and given another opportunity they would prove the case beyond any reasonable doubt. As a matter of urgency, we wish to call on the ACC to appeal verdict because from the evidence adduced, there is a prima facie case of possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime and as well as abuse of authority of office. The Public is anxious to know how a mere cabinet minister acquired such property within a such a short period of time. Indifference is the very breeding ground for the proliferation of corruption, and without strong independent institutions, impunity becomes the foundation on which organized crimes are erected. We also appeal to the ACC to take an interest in the revelation by other members of the Public regarding Mr. Chitotela. We wish to reiterate that we have no crusade against any individual or institution but corruption, because like a mosquito, it sucks the blood of common man,” stated Serenje.