Movement for Multiparty Democracy faction leader Felix Mutati says the country’s economy will not improve because lots of money is being spent on unnecessary by elections.

And Mutati has thanked his members in Monze for refusing to be bought by the PF and UPND.

Speaking when he addressed some party officials at Monze Hotel, Wednesday, Mutati said there was need to eliminate by elections because they were costly.

He also wondered where leaders got the time to govern with so many by-elections going on.

“As MMD party, we think it’s important to eliminate these by elections whether Presidential, MP or Councillors. You can’t have a country where from one general to another general election you are just politicking. I mean where do you find time to run the nation? Because every time it’s telling people to resign and join you and that MP or councilor resigns and join you.The other day I saw a Chairperson of some district resigning to join another party, then they create by election and you are busy saying the country has no money. It’s because of some of these things you are doing that is making this economy suffer,” Mutati said.

Mutati said the country was spending lot’s of money in politics instead of development.

“Look, the little money this country makes is channelled into politics on the expense of development. Here in Monze, there are poor roads, there is hunger, there is water challenge and yet lots of money goes into unnecessary by elections. Are you going to sort out issues with such kind of mentality? It’s not possible. Let us spare the Zambian people by giving them development. We should be able to say ‘okay, 2016 elections are over and now is time to work’,” Mutati said.

Meanwhile, the former finance minister thanked the people of Monze for refusing to be bought by the ruling PF and opposition UPND parties.

Speaking after his district Chairperson Kenneth Mweene said some PF officials and UPND had been asking them to ditch MMD and join them in exchange for money, Mutati said no one should accept to be bought.

“MMD is an independent political party. We are MMD. No political party should tell you that resign and join us. I am grateful you have refused to join them. You remain MMD even if we have challenges we will still be one. So don’t allow them to buy you,” said Mutati.