Kanyanta Moses Kakana has apologized to President Edgar Lungu and Zambians for stripping along Great East Road recently.

Kanyanta, who was born male, confirmed that whilst in South Africa, she decided to turn her body feminine because she felt that her body make up did not match her brain.

“It was so embarrassing and I would like to apologize to the president of the nation and the Zambian community for stripping naked on Great East Road, I think that was inappropriate,” Kanyanta said.

She, who was wearing a Rosary, said those who were accusing her of witchcraft were far from the truth because she is a Christian who prays everyday.

Kanyanta also explained that she underwent surgery in South Africa.

“I got a great job and then everything has just gone to sh*t. I got a good a** job at a good a** institution, Witwatersrand University, it’s a university in South Africa. I don’t know if you know it. I got a job there as a communications liaison officer under a research institute…and I would also like to apologize to them because I have been unjust and a b**ch, I asked for so much money when I should not have done that and I should have just humbled myself,” she said.

She confessed that she started taking too much weed whilst still in SA and it made her very “problematic”.

“I was doing the thing (makes a gesture for smoking). And I wasn’t doing it in Zambia ya’ll, just to be honest. And the thing is a good thing but it’s not a good thing when you are trying to focus on your life and focus on yourself. The thing is great and all that but it can drop you, I got dropped. I am a testament to the fact that the thing can drop you. You all know what the thing is,” Kanyanta said, who added that she is trying to stop smoking because it cost her the job in SA.

“I was born in a make body, I am transgender and I transitioned from male to female. I changed my entire body from male to female. It cost a lot of money…I am attracted to people, I am not attracted to men or women, I am attracted to people…I had my boobs done, I’ve gotten my ‘nookie’ clipped, I’ve had the surgeries. That day was, I was running away from help.”

Kanyanta said it was not a choice to change her body to female because she always felt like she was born in a wrong body.

“It is not a choice, it is where your body doesn’t align to what your mental gender is. So your male gender, which can be male or female, and it can be male or female genetalia doesn’t align to what your mental gender us. So that’s what gender identity or gender incongruence disorder is. I might be wrong, there’s people who are better equipped to explain this…yes, I removed the manhood,” said Kanyanta.

“Now my body matches my brain. Zambians, we are very intelligent but we choose not to capitalize on our intelligence, we need to stop the ignorance.”

Meanwhile, when one of her followers told her that she should have stayed in Chainama Hills Hospital where her family had committed her for a longer period, Kanyanta said she was still on medication.

Kanyanta also said she was very broke and asked people to send her some money for hair and to fix her nails.