Ka Laura Miti ka le landa ati Edgar Lungu is a tribalist, taka monapo ama tribalists, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila told Katuba residents, Monday.

And Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says if President Lungu is a tribalist, then he is a tribalist for development because he takes development to all parts of the country.

Speaking at a final campaign rally for PF candidate Zacks Mwachilele at Mwanjuni grounds, Mwila said Miti was insulting the President on a daily basis just to get some funding from donors.

“I was reading today’s paper, I want to add on to what Lusambo said ati ka Laura Miti ka lelanda ati Edgar Lungu is a tribalist, ta ka monapo ama tribalists (This little Laura Miti is saying that Edgar Lungu is a tribalist, she has never seen a tribalist before),” Mwila said.

“Firstly, the Vice President is from Western Province, I am from Luapula, the national chairman is from Northern Province and the deputy secretary is from Muchinga including ministers. The Minister of Justice is from Western. The President has even appointed people in provinces where they didn’t vote for him. I know my sister Laura Miti, you survive on donor money. If you don’t talk, they won’t give you money, because if you don’t talk you will sleep hungry. [Because] she has never done anything in life if it is not insulting people in government and we are not going to allow that.”

Mwila also promised the people of Katuba development if they voted for the PF candidate.

“When you vote for the PF candidate, you will have development because we are in government. You have been voting for the opposition, what have they brought for you? So if you want roads and hospitals, unless you vote for the PF, you will be able to see all this. Moreover you have seen what the PF government has done, no other political party has done what we have done. We will continue to develop even in Katuba. The President wants to take development to all provinces,” said Mwila.

Meanwhile Lusambo said President Lungu was a tribalist for development.

“Ba Kateka, kuli bamu kukulu bamo balenda ati mu kwete cabinet na government iya ba Bemba naba Ku Chipata (Mr president, there are troublemakers who are saying that you are a tribalist and that your government and Cabinet is full of people from the Eastern and Northern provinces). I am from Mpongwe. Am I Tonga, Bemba or from Chipata? The President you are seeing here, he does not know anything about tribalism. The only tribalism he knows is taking development to Dudumwezi, Zambezi and Chavuma. When you say he is a tribalist, we will allow you because he is a tribalist for development, he doesn’t chose where to take development,” said Lusambo.