UNZASU president Warran Hamusanga has charged that the university management is trying to dent his name by releasing a non-verified financial report.

Last week, social media was set ablaze with the a financial report from the higher learning institution which revealed that the Union spent K45,000 on President Edgar Lungu’s portrait and K68,000 for hosting a fresher’s bash, among other items.

But when he called News Diggers! Hamusanga said the financial report was for 2017 and 2018, before he was elected president of the Union.

He alleged that some people were trying to dent his character because he was Tonga.

“At UNZA, there is the highest degree of disorder among the members of staff! The members of management themselves. They are revealing information which is embarrassing themselves because you can’t blame the Union leaders. The reports were released by the acting Dean of Students. I am blaming management! They are the ones who are disorganized; how do you release financial report, which you don’t understand very well? I am Tonga by origin; I am clean; I am not a thief! They think that just because I am Tonga, I have been stealing money and they think that maybe in future, I can be a billionaire and then they will say when he was (UNZASU) president, he stole money as they have done to Hakainde Hichilema. Bringing cheap politics to campus to accuse someone is not good! All those are malicious propaganda aimed to dent me just because I am Tonga!” Hamusanga exclaimed.

“Concerning the issues that the Union leaders have got money, it’s a 100 per cent lie! The Union is not independent, it is with management. So, now, when you want to make any withdrawal anytime, it is not like you go on Airtel or Zoona booths for funds to come out anytime. Three departments are supposed to sign for the funds to be released. The first one is the department of the Dean of Students; it is the one which is supposed to authorize and then to the procurement department to ensure that this goes ahead and it finally goes to the students’ finance. Whatever funds are supposed to come out, the Dean of Students is supposed to sign. So, for a person to say that ‘I have stolen money’ it is illogical and doesn’t make sense because everything is controlled by management; our duty is only to make a request.”

And he said that the financial report released was for 2017, 2018 and 2019 before he was elected Union president.

“That financial report, which is circulating on social media; it covers the whole 2017, the whole 2018 and 2019. Is it me who was in the Union for me to use all this money? When I came in the Union, all those things were happening. Even the K45,000 portrait for President Edgar Lungu…I was not there! I was on leave in June; I went back to Southern Province,” said Hamusanga.