Police in Lusaka have apprehended 11 people for being in possession of offensive weapons.

Acting Inspector General of Police Eugene Sibote told journalists at a media briefing, Tuesday, that police recovered 55 matchetes, six tezars, 17 walkie talkie radios, 29 boxes of registration forms for Leadership Movement Party under the leadership of a Richard Silumbwe, seven black berets, 13 black shot buttons, and 11 pairs of black combat uniforms labelled LM.

Sibote said the suspects were camped in an unfinished building in Lusaka’s Chalala area.

“In the same vein, I wish to inform the nation that, yesterday, 14th October, 2019 at about 14:00 hours, we apprehended 11 male persons for the offence of being in possession of offensive weapons. This was following information from concerned members of the public that they had spotted some people camped in an unfinished building in Lusaka’s Chalala area,” Sibote said.

He revealed that the suspects were under the command of a 37-year-old Yamikani Zulu of Kamwala South.

“The suspects who were under the command of a Mr Yamikani Zulu aged 37 of Kamwala South are detained in police custody for being in possession of offensive articles contrary to section 85 of the penal code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia. Further investigations have continued over this matter to establish the motives of this group. In the interest of peace we are considering making a strong recommendation for the deregistration of organisations such as the Leadership movement if our investigations establish as matter of fact that this group had the blessings of what is supposed to be a political party,” he said.

And Sibote warned that police would not tolerate anyone moving around with a fire arm in public.

“So it is incumbent upon all of us as Zambians to stop this illegality and those that are also trading in these offensive weapons, we are coming for them. Investigations are still ongoing for us to establish their possible involvement in this. And if they are involved in this, they will equally be held liable. We are not going to engage anybody. You see the law is blind. Nobody who is not supposed to move around with a fire arm should move around with a fire arm. And when you see such an individual, [please] alert us because these are things that are causing harm to people,” Sibote warned.

He also directed Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri to deal with all groupings that were fond of terrorizing residents in Lusaka.

“I am directing the commissioner for Lusaka Province to ensure that that group is dealt with in accordance with the law. Like yesterday,” Sibote ordered.

Meanwhile, Sibote said police would not condone any careless statements from political groups that had the potential to threaten the peace in the country.

He said this in reaction to a statement attributed to UPND deputy national youth chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso where he allegedly challenged the police and the PF to remove cadres from all public bus stops and markets.

“We have noted with serious concern the statement circulating on social media purported to have been issued by the United Party for National Development deputy national youth chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso under the headline ‘people and police should remove PF thugs from bus stops and markets by Wednesday.’ Analysis of the contents of this social media statement indicate potential to incite violence and chaotic scenarios. It is our view that the statement by Mr Liswaniso is in bad taste. The police shall not condone such careless and reckless statements by any individual because these have potential to threaten the peace that our country enjoys and has been known for,” said Sibote.

“It should be noted that this country has designated institutions that have the mandate to perform duties highlighted in the statement and Mr Gilbert Liswaniso does not represent any such institutions. To this end I am directing all our police officers to be on high alert and firmly deal with those who may decide to participate in such disorderly activities in accordance with the provisions of the law and our mandate.”