Acting police spokesperson Danny Mwale says Kabwata police is holding a 26-year-old Lusaka woman for spreading false news.

On Thursday morning, Notando Katongo’s Facebook post in which he alleged that Kabwita police had neglected an ailing suspect went viral on social media.

“This is happening right now by Kamwala police post. This man lying on the ground is dying. ‘His’ (sic) been in police custody for the past 3 days. Today is his 4th day and is getting worse. He was taken out of his holding cell because he was smelling bad. As the officers left him on the ground, one told him to go die by the road side. I asked if he would get any medical help and I was bluntly told ‘his’ not the first one and won’t be the last one. This is how broken our justice system is,” wrote Katongo, and she attatched a picture.

But in a statement, Mwale said the man in the picture was a drug addict.

“I wish to inform you that Kabwata Police is holding Female Notando Katongo aged 26 years of unknown house number, Woodlands for Publication of false news Contrary to section 67 chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.
she went to Kamwala Police Post and found a drug addict suspect laying near the container cell. She took a picture of him, wrote bad comments and posted on social media. The suspect is Victor Mozwa of unmarked house in Chibolya Compound. Notando Katongo is currently in police custody,” stated Mwale.