When we take over government we will demolish your houses, just mark my words and pray to your God that what I am wishing for doesn’t happen, Mazabuka central UPND member of parliament Gary Nkombo warned PF lawmaker in Parliament, Wednesday.

But Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mwimba Malama constantly interrupted the opposition lawmaker’s debate, guided that he did not have to threaten anybody with a plot in Forest 27 because whoever did not have proper documentation for their pieces of land would have to face the law.

Debating the budgetary allocation to the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection, Wednesday afternoon in Parliament, Nkombo warned that UPND would demolish all structures in Forest 27.

“The recharge area for Chalimbana River, I have a list of all of you (PF members) who have plots there, those of you who have decided to illegally make plots in Forest 27, the lifeblood of Lusaka and Chongwe. I have your names and some of you I see you here, I have your names in my diary. I got it from the Ministry of Lands, and there is no reason [for you] to be agitated because you’ve done a wrong act. The President sat right here when he said he will not watch the Minister of Water and the Minister of Environment destroy water resources. He said it here, unless he was just pulling our legs. But you have gone ahead because you are obstinate. Members of the Executive you are obstinate, you are stubborn, and you know that the only thing which is constant in this life is change. When we come to take over government we will demolish your houses! Just mark my words and pray to your God, pray to your God that which I am wishing for is not going to happen…,” Nkombo said.

But deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mwimba Malama interrupted Nkombo and guided him to stop debating provocatively.

“You see certain angles we take when we are debating attract points of order. Sometimes let’s be civil when we are debating so that we deliver our point without injuring anyone. To start with, no one in this House who is making laws can get or obtain a property illegally. There is a procedure which is followed and if you take that angle, definitely it will attract some points of order. So Mr Nkombo, I think let’s move away from that kind of debate and continue with what we are discussing. Continue Sir,” Malama guided.

Nkombo continued to warn of UPND’s action against all PF officials that had gotten themselves illegal plots in Forest 27.

“I like to debate in line with the law, what I am doing here in simple language protection of the law. When the President comes here Mr Chairman and says he will not allow a situation that is going on in Forest 27. There is a problem there at Forest 27, laws are not being followed. Private citizens have taken this matter to the tribunal, it is before the deputy Chief Justice because one among them also that side is conflicted. That is the fact and we should say some of these things, if you don’t like what I am saying, this is not the place for you! If you know you have benefited any plot…,” Nkombo charged.

But Malama interrupted Nkombo again, cautioning him that there was no need for him to divert his debate in the fashion he was doing.

“There is no need for you to threaten anybody who has obtained a plot there. If at all that particular person has obtained a plot from that area illegally, he or she will face the law. For now we can’t bring it here and debate in that fashion, no! Continue,” guided Malama.

Nkombo obliged and continued with his debate where he then went on to give comfort to those who had followed procedure in obtaining the plots but would demolish all structures in and around the water aquifers.

“Let those who have gotten plots in a legal manner in Forest 27 chill out. Let them relax because I am not referring to them. I am referring to those who have degazetted that place when the President gave them instructions that he will not sit in his office to watch them destroy the aquifer. So those who have taken plots, like I have taken plots in this country before, I must relax, I must chill out. But I am referring to those who are named in the list that I have, it is my wish that those involved in the illegal acquisition of plots are going to answer. And I want to rest the anxiety of those who have taken plots in or around the Forest 27, as long as your papers are in order, just relax, build your mansions. But when we do come in, do not say we never told you because I want to be on record that any injustice, it is actually a crime against humanity to destroy an aquifer. It should be put on record that it is my wish to correct things when my time comes. You can’t just be sharing land like that without following the procedure,” said Nkombo.