Mwembeshi Independent member of parliament Macha Jamba says the people he represents have rejected the Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 of 2019 and there is no way he will go against their wishes to support it in Parliament.

Last year, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala deferred the consideration of Bill 10 to the legislative session of February 2020 after then acting Minister of Justice Stephen Kampyongo applied for leave to do so.

Jamba, in an interview, said Bill 10 would not pass in the House because it was “a on starter” despite it having some clauses that were progressive.

“We are representatives of the people. Of course, there are good issues in there and bad issues but…the people are saying ‘whether there are five good things and four bad things, we are saying no to Bill 10’. So there is no need for me to pursue it. I have seen some people trying to justify the Bill, they have got the rights [to do so] and they also have constituencies they represent. We are chosen by the people and we speak for them. I have some reservations that some clauses are good and some are bad but the bottom line is that the people have said no. That ‘thing’ wont pass. I walked out when it was introduced. I am going to stand with the people so it is not good for me to go against what the people are saying, I have no say,” Jamba said.

He said those who felt the Bill needs to pass in the House must begin to explain to the people the reasons for their position.

“If people have a very good reason why it should pass, they should go to Mwembeshi and start campaigning for it and when the people say they have changed their mind, they misunderstood it and ask me to vote for it, I will vote for it yes but for now, they are saying no. I was there yesterday and they have stood by their word so I don’t have to fight with the people. They are saying that Bill 10 will have the constituencies delimitated, the Christianity clause and the Public Order Act, those things are good things but if people say they don’t want them, what do you do? Do you force them? You don’t! It is like trying to force a horse to drink water. What is the whole point?” wondered Jamba.