Police in Kabwe have warned and cautioned Kapiri Mposhi member of parliament Stanley Kakubo for defaming President Edgar Lungu by saying “ushilepela fertilizer ama farmers takwata sckopo”.

In an interview, Central Province deputy commissioner Godffrey Mwanza said police were investigating Kakubo’s remarks.

“Mr Stanley Kakubo has not been arrested. He has got a warn and caution statement from him and has since been released. He was being questioned for the offence of defamation of the President which we are investigating. We will give you the details later as we are still investigating the matter,” said Mwanza

And Choma central UPND member of parliament Cornelius Mweetwa, who is the lawyer representing Kakubo, said his Kapiri Mposhi colleague was arreasted for saying “ushilepela fertilizer ama farmers takwata sckopo”.

“The police are alleging that on the January 28, 2019, at a public meeting, honorable Kakubo issued a statement to the effect that ‘ushilepela fertilizer ama farmers, takwata sckopo (whoever is not giving the farmers fertilizer does not have brains). So that amounts to defamation of the president according to them. So it was an interrogative session in which the alleged offence was explained to him and they have said they will carry out investigations and they will get back to us,” said Mweetwa in a separate interview.