THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has confirmed suspending its investigations officer, Chipambe Manda, pending disciplinary proceedings.

In a circular to members of staff, ACC acting director general Rosemary Khuzhwayo said the position presented by Manda was not that of the Commission.

“Management wishes to inform members of staff that the position allegedly presented in the matter of The People v Chitalu Chilufya is not the Commission’s position. Management has subsequently decided to suspend the officer involved ending disciplinary proceedings,” stated Khuzwayo.

Manda shocked the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court when he admitted that the total value of assets that Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya is accused of acquiring through proceeds of crime, is less than his known legitimate income.

Manda testified that the total value of assets that the minister stands charged with as being proceeds of crime was K5,542,500, whereas his known legitimate earnings in the period under investigation exceeded K19 million.

A shocked Lusaka Chief Resident Magistrate, Lameck Mwale wondered if the witness had made a mistake in his testimony and asked: “Are you saying the assets are less than his known legitimate income or more?”

Manda then insisted that it was less, prompting the Magistrate to ask, “Then what is wrong with that?”

And asked by the defence lawyers in cross examination if he still believed Dr Chilufya committed an offence based on his findings, the State witness said no, adding that the Health Minister had the capacity to acquire all the said properties from legitimate income.