PATRIOTIC Front deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has wondered why the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has not acted on former finance minister Edith Nawakwi’s allegations on UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s role in the sale of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

And Nawakwi says Zambia will completely be transformed in terms of development if the ruling party is given an opportunity to govern for 20 more years.

Speaking when she featured on a Radio Mano programme, Monday evening, Phiri argued that Nawakwi was a whistleblower, who should be taken seriously.

“The big question that the Zambian people are asking is, if Hakainde Hichilema declared interest when selling these companies, if he didn’t declare, under the rules which were set, then, it is a conflict of interest, which is an offence. People are asking why this matter has surfaced 30 years after it happened. Umalandu taubola! (a crime can never be forgotten!) We heard last week of a man in America, who escaped from prison 30 years ago; he later married and had three children and changed his name. But the police followed him up and put him behind bars. This shows a crime can never be forgotten. We, Zambians, like to compare ourselves to other countries. We say America is democratic, we should emulate them. But should we only emulate them when it suits us? It should be across the board. If I committed a crime 50 years ago, I am answerable for my mistakes I did,” Phiri argued.

“I am even wondering where is ACC? Because to me Nawakwi is a whistleblower, we have a witness. I don’t think she can be talking from without. And mind you she was the finance minister for seven months and she knows what she is talking about. Why hasn’t ACC followed up on this matter? Is ACC meant to follow politicians only? Nawakwi cried that the problem is that we think that it’s only ministers in government who are corrupt.”

She also expressed confidence that Lukasha residents would vote for PF candidate George Chisanga in next Thursday’s by-election.

“From my observation, people have accepted George Chisanga and I have no doubt that he won’t be selected. We want to mobilise a lot of people to vote. What draws us back is voter apathy. Our friends in the opposition, the reason why they have a number of votes is that they go in numbers to vote. But here, and our friends in Eastern Province, we are lazy! We forget that voting is our right. I am here for quite some time to encourage people to vote for George Chisanga,” she added.

And Phiri said that the ruling party had embarked on a number of developmental projects, and if given 20 more years to govern, they would transform the country.

“Have you ever seen a government that has constructed 65 health posts in one area? Even if they are not completed, they are there. Look at the houses we have built in these police camps, can you not say we are working? Look at the schools. We are the only government that has done this in eight years. We have constructed a hospital in Mungwi. We have heard your complaints that there is no mortuary, it will be constructed because this is a listening government. What if you give us 20 years what can happen to this country? This country can change. We are moving steadily,” said Phiri.