PATRIOTIC Front (PF) national youth chairperson Kelvin Sampa says the party will not tolerate any member who uses the name of the party to extort money from the public.

And Sampa has warned that he will not hesitate to crack the whip on anyone found wanting, regardless of position.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka, Thursday, Sampa also said youths who wish to conduct any party activities must only do so with permission from executive committees and while wearing approved party regalia.

“I addressed all youths of the Patriotic Front to reiterate a call from our Republican President, His Excellency Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu who is also our party president and the party secretary general Honourable Davies Mwila. Sadly, it has come to my attention that some youths have chosen to deliberately overlook this directive and friendly guidance of togetherness and understanding the importance of coexistence among our youth affiliate, and have opted to championing violence. I want to take this opportunity and remind our youths that the Patriotic Front Constitution classifies such behaviour as gross indiscipline. As national youth chairperson, I will not hesitate to crack the whip on anyone found wanting, regardless of the position or whoever they may claim to be connected to,” Sampa said.

“All youths should pledge their allegiance to the party president and not to anyone else, not even myself. When the president speaks, we should all adhere and operate within our parameters. I want to address and condemn the following behaviors that have taken shape with a growing trend: The party will not tolerate anyone using the name of the national youth executive committee and the party to extort hard earned money from our local businessmen and women and any other person. This kind of act is criminal and if anyone is found wanting, he or she will face the wrath of the law.

He said any youth who claim to belong to the PF should not conduct any political activities without the authority from elected party structures.

“Any youth who claim to belong to the Patriotic Front party must never conduct any political activities without the authority or approval of elected party structures or leadership at any level. Disregarding of party protocols is a serious breach and the consequences for breaching protocol will be grave from now onwards,” Sampa added.

He also said any party youth groupings wishing to conduct party activities should wear party colours and regalia going forward.

“Using unapproved party regalia including foreign national materials and military combat is unacceptable as we as PF are identified by our colours. Therefore, all PF youth groupings will wear party colours and party regalia when conducting party activities going forward as we don’t want criminals to take advantage of this situation as we heard towards the 2021 General elections,” said Sampa.

“Lastly, I want to see a strong relationship, love peace, harmony, and unity amongst our dedicated youths at all levels of our party, especially starting from the national youth executive committee, the provincial youth executive committees, the district youth executives, and the Constituency youth executives. Remember politics is all about numbers and the mighty Patriotic party keeps growing. We need to keep guiding our youths to be in the right lane. Youths are the image of the party and a reflection of the future, hence let us remain a disciplined united youths that respect the party constitution whether appointed or elected. We are the image of the President His Excellency Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. It is for this reason that we should demonstrate loyalty to His leadership. Besides, the pride of every parent is dependent on the attitude of his children.”