CATHOLIC Diocese of Ndola Bishop Benjamin Phiri says beer and women can bring a priest down.

And Bishop Phiri says politicians should not tell priests what they want to hear just because they have given an “offering”.

Meanwhile, Bishop Phiri says there should be love and peace as the country goes to the 2021 General elections.

Bishop Phiri said this during the priestly ordination ceremony of eight priests at St Anthony of Padua Parish in Ndola, Sunday.

In his homily, Bishop Phiri told congratulates to desist from tempting priests to sin.

“Beer and women will bring you down. Even you members stay away from the priests. Everyday, ‘I am going to see the priest’, for what?” Bishop Phiri asked.

Bishop Phiri said Christians should keep their bodies as the temple of Christ.

“The temple that we have is our body, that we need to keep for the Lord,” he said.

He guided the new priests to follow the procedure of the Catholic Church when commenting on different issues.

“If you become an obstacle I will push you out. In the Catholic Church we operate in order. You don’t have to contradict me,” Bishop Phiri warned.

And Bishop Phiri warned politicians not to dictate what priests can say.

“For the record, you our friends in the other world (politicians) don’t tell the priests what you want to hear. When it is wrong it is wrong. People must be corrected in a dignified manner,” Bishop Phiri said.

“We hope that as we go in elections, let there be love and peace. We need the salvation of souls.”

He said people should not point at the wrong of others before checking themselves.

“In Zambia, we talk about corruption and we talk about others to be corrupt. A police officer will stand in the sun and [you] call them corrupt, but who follows the officer? Let us discuss! What to discuss when you have followed him, that is Corruption,” said Bishop Phiri.

Those ordained as priests are Friar Evaristo J. Mwape, OFM Conv. Friar Gordon B. Fundanga, OFM Conv. Friar Emmanuel Mulenga, OFM Conv. Friar Kasonde M. Chama, OFM Conv. Friar Barnabas Kasonde, OFM Conv. Friar Elias M. Chimfwembe, OFM Conv. Friar Obed C. Sesa and OFM Conv. Friar Wilbroad Mulenga, OP.