LUSAKA Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says he will commence legal proceedings against the filling station owner over a claim that he bought fuel for taxi drivers in Ndola’s Masala area on Sunday.

A video emerged on social media in which a person in the background was claiming that Lusambo gave taxi drivers in the area 10 litres of free fuel each.

In the video, which was being captured from a window in an elevated building, showed a long queue of vehicles scrambling to access the commodity at the filling station.

But in an interview, Lusambo, who is also Kabushi PF member of parliament, refuted giving cab drivers free fuel.

“We have a lot of enemies, because even me I have seen that social media video and I have instructed my lawyer to write to the filling station owner to tell the people and to give us the person who took that video because the video is showing that the person who took that video was in the office. So, it’s very easy for us to do what we are trying to do. So, we know exactly where we want to take this matter. If you saw me buying fuel, I would have said, ‘yes, I bought fuel.’ But you are showing me cars, just because the cars are in Kabushi constituency, wait a minute!” Lusambo said.

“I have seen it as well and we are taking a legal matter on that filling station owner because we need the filling station owner to tell us the person who did that because it’s within the premises.”

He said if he had given the fuel, he would have proudly said so as he had done when he donated other commodities such as mealie meal to local residents in his constituency.

“I am in politics, a lot of things can be attributed to me, a lot of things have been said, which is not true. A lot of things have been said. If you saw me distributing mealie meal in Kabushi constituency, I would proudly have been answering those questions to say, ‘yes, I gave the mealie meal to my people…’ Because you have seen me distributing mealie meal. But we can’t be discussing issues on social media. How many enemies do we have?” asked Lusambo.