UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says the Cyber Security Bill will be one of the first laws which he will reverse when he is ushered into office.

And Hichilema says his party will not sleep until change is effected on August 12 because Zambia has suffered under the Patriotic Front.

Speaking when he met truck drivers, Sunday, Hichilema noted that President Edgar Lungu was itching to assent the Cyber Security Bill.

“The Cyber Security Bill…nga uyu munyamata asayina olo akalibe ku sayina niziba afuna ku sayina inkale law ngati sanasayine kudala (If this gentleman has signed the bill or not, I know he wants to sign it so that it becomes law, if he has not signed it already). One of the first laws we are going to reverse is the cyber security bill, we shall reverse it. Iyi (this) cyber security bill bafuna muleke kusebenzesa (they want you to stop using the) internet, Facebook, this is a modern technology which we want to use to deliver medicines in hospitals and consultancy. A doctor is seated in Lusaka, he is consulting to help a patient in Kaputa through social media, through the electronic media, how can we shut and restrict such services? We will use the technology, internet to deliver agricultural services, to deliver educational services, to deliver credit, soft loans to marketers. Manje ndani afuna kuleta (but who wants to bring this) cyber security law so that we cannot deliver ulupiya for namayo (money for our women) in the markets to grow her business? Mwachepa sana imwe (you are too small),” Hichilema said.

And Hichilema said UPND would not rest until change was effected in August.

“Hakuna kulala olo uyende ku bed, njala ibaba. Kulibe vakudya. Ziko yaonongeka, abantu balechula balelala nensala so hakuna kulala until we take over this country (There is no sleeping, people are going to bed hungry because they don’t have food. This country has been destroyed so we won’t sleep until we take over this country). Hakuna kulala (we will not sleep) until we take over the country through the elections of 12 August. Hakuna kulala until we effect change, it is time for change. This is not a joke. At my age, I have never seen this country suffer the way it is suffering, this is the worst leadership without shame, worse than the colonial administration under this PF leadership. Twacula pafula. Muntu akakutana vakudya kulibe zinangu zamene anga ku uze olo akupasa ka nyula nikachani mumala muli njala? (We have suffered enough. If someone cannot give you food, there is nothing they can tell you, even if they give you a Chitenge material, what is it for when you are hungry?),” he asked.

Hichilema said it hurt him to see how truck drivers had been abandoned.

“There will be law and order after the 12th August to protect citizens, marketeers, drivers, youths. For the media, we are committed once more to restore media freedom, you will be free no media will be shut under the UPND leadership, to allow you to operate freely, self regulation, that is what we will promote, responsible media. I have a lot for the people of Zambia for the youth of Zambia, for our marketers, for our drivers. Chilankalipa (it hurts me) to see how the drivers are abandoned, how they are being killed in neighbouring countries. As though they have no government back home pembela first (be patient), the UPND government will come and change this. Your children will get jobs,” Hichilema said.

Meanwhile, Hichilema said the PF were enticing people with money so that they could be re-elected.

“The PF all of a sudden naba tampa ukupela utu ndalama (they have started dishing out money) in the markets. How come the past five years they were not supporting you? How come now? What has happened now? Five years iyi baleshipula, balelya beka. Nomba balefwaya uku mupela utunono utuma (the past five years they were sleeping, they were not giving you anything. Now they want to give you) bread crumbs so that you vote for them. Mukachile (so that you suffer) again another five years. Muka bapele vote, bena balyelya balelala pa ndalama (you give them a vote, they are eating alone and sleeping on money),” said Hichilema.