SPECIAL Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe says President Edgar Lungu is not interested in time wasters who are questioning his eligibility.

Last week, the Legal Resources Foundation petitioned the Constitutional Court seeking a declaration that President Lungu was not eligible for nomination for election as President in the upcoming elections having been elected, sworn into and held office twice.

The NGO has however, discontinued the said matter.

But in an interview, Chipampe insisted that the courts had ruled on President Lungu’s eligibility.

He further said the President was not interested in people who wanted to waste his time as he was more focused on serving the people of Zambia.

“It is beginning to look like a habit for some people to be litigious. Those who want to continue, let them be litigious. The President is not interested in people who want to waste his time. The President is more focused in serving the people of Zambia before and after elections. So those who are litigious, they will be met with the legal teams that are there. It is not up to the President to waste time explaining whether he is eligible or not. The courts have ruled. From the Presidents’ side, there are people who are in charge of handling those issues, they will handle them. It doesn’t get to him. He is presiding over 18 million Zambians, surely can he be concentrating on one Zambian? When he should be concentrating on 18 million Zambians,” Chipampe said.

When asked what President Lungu’s campaign message would be when economic growth had slowed down, inflation was on the rise and the kwacha had stayed above K22 to a dollar under his administration, Chipampe said the Head of State had done a lot of things for all to see.

“A lot has been done and economics has no boundaries. Everything is economics. If you look at the agriculture sector, that is economics and he has done very well in that area. If you look at infrastructure development that is economics, because you are talking about the economy. The country has been transformed, roads and bridges have been built, all that leads to facilitating economic activities. So economics is not theory, it is practical. And President Lungu has been practical teaching people how to fish rather than begging,” said Chipampe.

“He has been on the ground trying to improve people’s lives. So those who are saying ‘what message is he going to give the people’, the message is what he has done. What he has done is there for people to see. People are saving where they were travelling long distances, distances have been shortened because of new roads. And old roads have been improved. So all that helps people to save. That is the message he will be delivering.”