MUNALI UPND aspiring member of parliament Mike Mposha says despite Professor Nkandu Luo’s rich CV, she has nothing to point at as her achievements in Munali constituency.

And Mposha has urged the electorate to vote for a candidate who will represent their needs effectively, instead of electing chancers who are merely seeking for jobs.

Speaking when he addressed UPND officials in Munali, Sunday, Mposha said the people in the area felt insulted by the appointment of Prof Luo as President Edgar Lungu’s running mate because she failed to deliver when she was MP for 10 years.

He wondered who would vote for PF with a running mate like Prof Luo, who he claimed had lost favour in Munali constituency and was unpopular among students.

“A rich CV must help you to perform and deliver but for her case, I mean Nkandu Luo, there is nothing to show in Munali that we had a professor for 10 years as an MP. Her appointment as running mate is enough indicator that the PF do not care for not only the people of Munali but Zambians as a whole and the appointing authority (President Lungu) has just demonstrated that he is not on the ground. Because if he was, he would have not made such a mistake of appointing somebody who has been rejected by the people,” Mposha said.

“Remember, while she was serving as Minister of Higher Education, she punished our students both at UNZA and CBU with the longest closures of these Universities. So, how do they think our people at UNZA and CBU are looking at this appointment? Prof Luo has lost favour in Munali, she is very unpopular among students at all our higher institutions of learning and one wonders who is going to vote for PF with such a running mate. It is a big insult to us the people of Munali to appoint Luo as a running mate to President Lungu because she failed to deliver when she was MP. Luo is the worst MP Munali has ever had and is definitely the worst running mate among the rest.”

Mposha said Munali was earmarked for a facelift under the UPND as the party had taken time to listen to the cries of the people in the area.

“UPND took time to listen to the long-time cries of the people who had been demanding for an MP who was raised from within and who not only understands the challenges of Munali, but one who is also passionate to deal with these challenges. Hence, the decision to give them this candidate by the name of Mike Mposha who is the true son of Munali,” he said.

“We are focused on changing the face of Munali as UPND and give the people the Munali constituency that [which] they deserve by rehabilitating the Roads in communities such as Kamanga, Mtendere Main, Mtendere East, Kalingalinga. Work on the improvement of water supply in the PHI area, Mtendere, Kaunda Square, Chelstone, Chainda. We also intend to work on the problem of lack of schools, Health centres, and police posts in Mtendere East of Kalikiliki Ward. For me, it is payback time for the people of Munali because I was raised in Munali.”

And Mposha urged the electorate not vote for chancers who were merely seeking for jobs.

“These PF songs will not bring food on the table. These songs will not remove the youths from the streets and those roaming our communities who are being referred to as the fluffies, junkies, who due to lack of jobs have resulted in abusing drugs and attacking our innocent people in our communities. Vote for a candidate you feel will represent your needs effectively. Don’t vote for chancers who are merely seeking for jobs because some aspiring candidates are even failing to maintain themselves and I wonder how such individuals could deliver for the people. Just go and see where some of these candidates live, their yards are brown and dusty. They have nothing to show the people of Munali what they have done first for themselves and later for our Munali community. So, if such a person can not take care of themselves, how can they take care of others? Clearly such candidates are just after using you people of Munali as ladders for their personal benefits,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mposha also urged the people in the area including students to ensure that the PF was punished for not listening to their wishes, by voting for UPND in the elections.

“I am therefore, appealing to the people of Munali, and the students to ensure that PF is punished for not listening to their wishes by voting for Mike Mposha and president Hakainde Hichilema in this election. It is high time we returned some degree of law and order, we want our civil servants, police officers, teachers to be respected as professionals unlike the current situation where they are being made to operate under directives of PF cadres,” said Mposha.