PF deputy national chairperson Davies Chama says he can guarantee that the UPND Alliance which is filled with “selfish individuals” will crumble immediately after the general elections.

In an interview, Friday, Chama said the UPND had never managed to maintain any alliance.

“Alliances are laughable because the UPND has never managed to maintain any alliance for that matter. Any alliance they try to go into has fallen apart. You can go back to when they had an alliance with FDD, that alliance failed and the one they recently had with these other political parties failed. In their desperation, they now went into an alliance with one or two individuals. We are not worried about any alliance, especially those not based on the interest of the Zambian people but based on the interest of individuals that are coming together, he said.

“It will never last and if you have followed the alliances that UPND has entered into, they have all crumbled. Immediately after elections, the UPND alliance with those selfish individuals will break that I can assure you. It will crumble immediately after the elections that I can guarantee you. An alliance that will stand a taste of time is based on the interest of the Zambian people so that the country can be transformed. Which the PF have forged with the Zambian people.”

And Chama hoped that the UPND would this time around concede defeat.

“We need to have issue-based politics, politics of substance and to try by all means to avoid violence. This new phenomenon of violence that has been promoted by a certain political party must be condemned. Zambia has been a peaceful country and we are a Christian nation. And for us, we are not interested in issues of violence because we want to govern this country. We want a peaceful Zambia during campaigns and after the elections,” he said.

“Our prayer is that they should be able to listen to the voice of reason and make sure we conduct campaigns in a peaceful manner and after elections people have to concede defeat. If they lose, they must be able to say yes they have lost because the campaigns and elections are transparent. We know they have never accepted any defeat. Whenever they lose elections, even when they lost to MMD in the past, they never used to concede. Our prayer is that this time around they should be able to concede because the elections will be free and transparent.”

Meanwhile, Chama said Zambians were convinced of the good works done by the PF.

“Indeed people are convinced of what we have done unless someone does not stay in Zambia or they have not seen what we have done. Our developmental projects are very visible. So for those that do not want to believe what they can easily see and touch, they are just difficult. There are always people who are difficult by nature, who do not want to accept good things that have been rolled out by the PF government. We believe that the people we have been talking to during our campaigns are actually testifying that how we have performed is beyond expectations. What we promised them when we came into government in 2011 and when they re-elected us in 2016 has been beyond expectations,” said Chama.

“We have transformed this country and I can tell you in the next five years Zambia will never be the same. It has never been the same from the time we took over and we can point at what we have done which is visible. There is no place that we have not touched and [we] have delivered to the expectations of the Zambians. Those who have eyes to see are being convinced by what we have done. And it is something that cannot be doubted. We are just re-emphasizing and reminding them that the trust they put in us in terms of leadership, we have delivered according to what we are able to do despite facing challenges such as drought, the pandemic, among others.”