UPND chairman for elections Gary Nkombo says President Edgar Lungu should concede defeat and call Hakainde Hichilema to congratulate him for winning the polls.

And Nkombo says President Lungu should allow Hakainde to also run his race, further stating that any manipulation being attempted will just put the country in harm’s way.

Meanwhile, Nkombo has asked the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to stop sitting on election results.

Speaking to the media, Friday, Nkombo said people deserved to hear the election outcome, arguing that continued delays could put the country in harm’s way.

“What is happening this time around is something that has never happened ever before, even in colonial days. For the commission such as the ECZ to continue to sit on results and not disseminate the results to the people who cast the votes. Remember what Mr Hichilema said, he said that this particular election is going to be determined by those who turn out to vote. You saw yesterday that the turnout was massive, an indication that people are looking for change,” he said.

“So we have to make these solemn appeals to these three entities beginning with the ECZ that please do not put this country in harm’s way by continuing to procrastinate the much desired results for the people who deserve them. Zambians turned out yesterday in masses so that their voices can radiate across the country to express their wishes. PF please stop what you are doing because gravity is the science that everything that goes up must come down. I made a phone call to President Lungu myself in order to speak to him and ask him to let go of the ECZ to do their part in this dispensation but unfortunately, my phone was not answered.”

And Nkombo advised President Lungu to concede defeat and call Hichilema to congratulate him for winning the polls.

“You reap what you sow. You thought that 2021 was a long way to come but it is here. This is a time for reckoning. This is a defining moment where the Zambians must have their will. I must, to former President Lungu that Sir it is descent for you to do what your colleague here in Mazabuka has done Mr Edify Hamukale by conceding defeat. President Lungu, it is not a shame you know Hakainde’s number, pick up that phone and have a conversation with your brother and start the process,” he said.

“The results are written all over the wall. You cannot hide the truth because the truth has no disguise. This election has been lost by the PF and it is only decent for you, President Lungu, to pick up that phone call and call your brother Mr Hichilema. Congratulate him. I tell you that somebody is trying to manipulate, figures don’t lie. Whatever manipulation is being attempted is just going to put this country in harm’s way. I made calls to senior citizens, some of them close to PF, to appeal to them to speak to President Lungu and make him see the need that change is a continuous process and that every finish line is the beginning of the new race. Allow Mr Hakainde to run his race also, you have run yours Mr Lungu.”

Nkombo further appealed to the police to deal with PF supporters who were trying to take things into their own hands.

“Yesterday (Thursday) I saw Mr Lungu after he went to vote. He made a very earnest and steady appeal that nobody should disturb the polling stations. The work is now done so why are they disturbing the process. Why are the PF going on the streets, to do what, to intimidate who? Why are the police sitting back and folding their hands? I think the time has come for the police Mr Kanganja to do the right thing. Whoever is going to take things in their own hands, please deal with them because that is what you are constituted to do as a police service,” said Nkombo.