AS PF, there is nothing like accepting defeat because we have done our homework and we know that we are the winners, says PF member of the central committee Jean Kapata.

Commenting on former president Rupiah Banda’s remarks that winners of Thursday’s general elections must remain humble and the “losers” must graciously accept defeat, Kapata said PF was winning the polls as they campaigned in almost every corner of the country.

“There is nothing like accepting defeat as PF because we have done our homework and so there is nothing like accepting defeat. We are the winners of these elections. As you can see, we have so many teams on the campaign trail. All party functionaries were on the ground campaigning door to door and I think we have done everything possible in a campaign. We are satisfied that we have reached almost every corner of Zambia and we are headed for 100 percent victory. So the question of defeat does not come in because we all know that we are [the] winners,” Kapata said in an interview.

“We know there is a lot of confusion that has been planned by our opponents. They want to bring in confusion by fighting so that people do not go to vote. Therefore I ask all those people that are voting for PF, our members to go to the polling station as early as possible [then] go home and wait for the results to be announced. Also, let our supporters look at table three as they go to vote because this is where ballot papers will be given to the voters and they should make sure the back is stamped.”

And Kapata said Zambians would celebrate PF victory once the results were announced.

She, therefore, urged party supporters to ensure that they turn up to cast their votes.

“Zambians will celebrate 100 percent to a PF victory. PF is their party, so why shouldn’t they celebrate victory? I also want to call upon the supporters of the PF that tomorrow (Thursday) is the day they are casting their votes. It has been a long journey and therefore let everyone go and vote, not only to vote but to ensure [that] they guard our votes. I am very confident yes but I cannot start celebrating because I have to cast my vote first and wait for the announcement and only then can I celebrate. But I can assure you that we are going to carry the day,” said Kapata.

“It has been such a long campaign and we have never had such a long campaign before. But I’m happy it has come to an end and for us, I think yes we moved to almost all parts of the country. All the people we spoke to including the clergy, the headmen, the marketeers, the students, we urged them to make sure their people did the right thing tomorrow (Thursday) by voting for all those standing on the PF ticket, President Edgar Lungu, PF running mate and PF members of parliament and so on.”