Former vice president Enock Kavindele has expressed satisfaction at the voter out experienced in Thursday’s voting process.

Speaking to journalists after he cast his vote at Kabulonga Boys polling station, Kavindele said the voter turnout was impressive.

He recalled that he only saw such high voter turnout during independence day in 1964.

“The last time I saw this huge turnout was at Independence, the first elections! The first elections had a high turnout. These others not so much. But this is very impressive I must tell you. The turnout is very high, very impressive indeed. The meaning of this is that people are interested in the affairs of their country. So, they want to be part of the decision-making, which is good. And of course, a lot of people are voting for the first time,” said Kavindele.

“Of course, we can only have a country if it is peaceful. If it is not peaceful then we all must go into exile, we will be like Rwandese, people in the compounds say our shops are now full of Rwandese. Those people also had a country but they destroyed their country and this is why they are here as refugees. We don’t want anyone of us to go out of this country. We hope that, if it was possible for all 16 Presidential candidates to win, it could have been better, but it is not. Out of the lot, only one will be winner and they should be congratulated by the loser. The winner should embrace the loser, that is what democracy is all about.”

And addressing the media after casting his vote, New Hope MMD president Never Mumba said interfering with the vote would put the country’s peace at risk.

“What should never happen is that their votes should never be stolen. They want to make sure that what they have voted for is what is reflected when the results are announced. If that happens, we can guarantee ourselves sustainable peace. But if their votes are interfered with, it is going to put our peace prospect at great risk,” said Mumba.

“We pray that our colleagues who have been given authority to ensure that this election is free and fair must do their part. The Zambians are doing their part, we expect ECZ to do its part. And us as presidential candidates we have done our part by making sure we participate in the democratic process. We now want ECZ to give us the truth about the answer of this election.”