FORMER Works and Supply Minister Sylvia Chalikosa says former president Edgar Lungu did his best and he meant well for the country.

In an interview, Chalikosa said the PF needed to reorganise itself so that people could still have faith in the party.

“I am a true green, and my place is with PF whatever the outcome. We just have to think through things, look at how we can restructure ourselves in a way that people will have faith in us once more. And also to learn from our mistakes. I am open to criticism in the hope that that criticism will offer solutions to what we need to do to make PF still be the most preferred political party as far as I am concerned. I will remain loyal to the PF. I love my president Edgar Chagwa Lungu, he did his best and he meant well. So the people should still have faith in the political party for as long as we reorganize ourselves and listen to what people want us to do and follow suit,” Chalikosa said.

Asked to comment on those who were leaving the former ruling party, Chalikosa said such people risked losing their integrity.

“Those are personal decisions, people make decisions based on their experience or their belief. But one thing I know for sure is that if you keep changing political parties there is that question of integrity. You can leave and join another political party using whatever your reasons and then, later on, come back for whatever your reasons, maybe you think that the party can offer you something in return for your volunteerism. But politics for me is service to the people,” said Chalikosa.

“A lot of people have joined politics thinking that they can become well off in terms of enriching themselves. And in the process of trying to find ways and means of enriching yourself, you end up getting in trouble and people lose their faith in you and you lose integrity. But if you stick to the issue of service, you are not likely to go wrong.”