PF Member of the Central Committee Mwiimba Malama says PF members should first check their conduct before commenting on the wellbeing and future of the party.

And Malama says it is practically impossible to abandon all old Members of the Central Committee, arguing that those advocating for such are being sponsored by other political parties.

In an interview, Malama wondered how people would respect PF when party members exchanged insults on social media.

“On the issue that was raised by the Kantanshi MP, I think it is important that first of all, some of these people before they even comment on the way forward of some of these laid down things, they should first check themselves. They should check what they post, what they do, the way they quarrel on social media and whether that can help the party. It is important that as much as people want the party to get organised properly, they should first organise themselves. They should first organise themselves so that when they talk about the organisation of the party, people will listen to them because they are organised. Not where we are insulting each other on blogs and you expect people to respect the same party you are talking about?” Malama said.

“The postmortem was done and I am sure it is a public document by now and everyone knows that this is what the postmortem talked about. There are already some measures that have taken place and the issue to do with the postmortem is being looked at seriously. When you look at what the postmortem talked about, some of them are already implemented. I am sure you are aware that there have been some changes to some positions in the party. That could be part of what the postmortem looked at. The issue to do with discipline of our cadres is also being looked at. I am sure you have seen that some of the cadres who insulted leaders even started apologising.”

Malama said PF had started implementing some of the recommendations cited in the postmortem report.

“We also need to understand that this happens in every political party after losing. Everyone thinks the cause is that one. It also happened during UNIP and MMD but what is important is how you get organised and forge ahead. So the issue of the postmortem is being looked at. If those talking about issues to do with the postmortem, that it has not been looked at, I do not know which world or party they are living in or which party they belong to. I have seen that those things are being looked at. Today, we do not have the same SG. The issue to do with the losing party, there are always such kinds of confusions,” he said.

“Some of these people should first humble themselves even before they comment on some of these things. It is a daily job that people are doing to talk to them and we have been talking to some of them. This is the reason why they are even apologising to those they wronged and insulted. It must be known that education is very important. When we say education, we are not insulting people. What I mean is some of these so-called educated people lack serious wisdom. So they actually paint a picture as though now the most educated people are the ones who have not been to school when we listen to the way they talk.”

Malama said PF would remain a party without experience if old members were to be removed from leadership positions.

“I think it is important that even before we begin to talk and open our mouths, it is important that we value and weigh what we want to say. That is what has actually caused a lot of problems not only in PF but even in the ruling government. When you listen to some comments, you begin to wonder whether that person has been to school or understands the impact of what they are saying is causing to the party. I think it is important that people begin to reason properly before they say some of these things. So for me, issues to do with the postmortem are carefully being looked at step by step. When you change things within a short period, you just create problems in the party,” said Malama.

“You cannot just say we have lost then abandon all MCCs and let new MCCs take over. This is the same mistake footballers and FAZ made where they chased all the old footballers. You cannot do that. There is no way you can replace all MCCs at a goal because it is practically impossible. If you hear people saying MCCs should pack and go, just know that they have been bought by the opposition or other political parties to bring confusion in the party. A lot of people are ready to go. I mean I am not an old MCC, I was just elected last year and if they want everyone to go I can even be the first one to go. But they should know that they will remain an organisation without an inch of experience or someone to remind them how things work.”