PRESIDENTIAL Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya says PF vice-president Given Lubinda should not dare President Hakainde Hichilema and not take his extension of an olive branch for the “clique” to surrender proceeds of crime as a weakness.

Commenting on Lubinda’s remarks that President Hichilema must stop begging the corrupt to return what they stole but should simply follow the culprits and secure convictions through transparent prosecution, Bwalya said those who participated in the looting under PF would be brought to justice without fail.

“Don’t dare the president. Mr Given Lubinda and his former ruling regime cohorts should be grateful that we now have a Republican President who holds an undying commitment to upholding the rule of law and never to be tempted to abuse political instruments of power to pursue enemies of the people. Mr Lubinda should be reminded, that it was under the PF regime, a diabolical regime whose association he still continues to enjoy that fake and concocted charges were brought against President Hichilema on numerous occasions, and without following the due process of the law, resulting in the death of innocent citizens in the process, as was with Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda,” Bwalya said.

“Mr Lubinda and the PF should never make the mistake of taking [as] a weakness, the President’s extension of an honest olive branch for the ‘clique’ to own up and surrender proceeds of crime, or perhaps an unwillingness to pursue criminals to the fullest extent of the law. Let me assure Mr Lubinda and many others like him that those who participated in the looting of this country under the former regime and are deemed to have a case to answer as per the laws of the land, will be brought to justice, and they will be brought to justice without fail.”

Bwalya said the law would follow the culprits and they would pay for their sins dearly.

“Just like with an economy that was beaten to the brink, the new administration has had to rebuild the entire legal infrastructure to ensure that the fight against corruption is credible, relentless and decisive. This process of reconstructing the legal infrastructure is nearing completion. It is therefore prudent that all those of the former regime who know they are sitting on assets corruptly acquired; money, vehicles, real estate and whatsoever else, should voluntarily step forward and surrender those assets back to the state and the people without unnecessarily wasting the people’s time and resources. The alternative is that the law will follow you and the law will catch up with you and you will pay for your sins dearly,” said Bwalya.