DIRECTOR of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Lillian Siyunyi State Counsel says she does not have problems working under the UPND government because her job is to work for the State, regardless of the leadership that is in power.

On Tuesday News Diggers published an editorial opinion in which it raised questions about whether the DPP would be able to work under the UPND government and prosecute former PF ministers.

But in an interview, DPP Siyunyi said it was important to note that she had been working for the State under five different presidents.

“I have worked for the government since Chiluba’s time, Mwanawasa, RB, Sata, EL, HH now. If tomorrow there is another president, let us say the person we are prosecuting, Bowman, becomes president, I will work for him. I work for the government of the Republic of Zambia. I am not supposed to work for a specific individual but for the government,” she said.

Asked to explain how she feels working for a Head of State who had been kept in remand prison for 127 days under her reign as DPP before she entered a nolle, Siyunyi wondered if people in the UPND leadership were bitter with her over the Treason case, saying she was not aware.

“Have they said they are angry with me? I am not aware, I don’t know that anyone is bitter with me because they have not come to me to tell me that. So if the President has moved on, then we have moved on,” she said.

Asked why she entered a nolle in the said Treason case if she had evidence, DPP Siyunyi said her office is not obliged to explain reasons for entering nolle prosequi.

“A nolle simply means you are discharged, and we are not obliged to give reasons for that,” DPP Siyunyi said.

Asked if it was true that she applied to be considered for a higher judicial office and her application had been turned down by the Judicial Service Commission, DPP Siyunyi said the question would be best answered by the Commission itself, as she was not aware.

“I don’t know, go and ask them because it is them that know if they rejected me or they did not reject,” she said.

When asked to shed some light on the speed camera case involving Amos Chanda, Zindaba Soko and Walid El Nahas, and whether she entered a nolle because of lack of evidence, DPP Siyunyi said a nolle does not mean the case has been concluded.

“When you enter a nolle in a case, it is still an ongoing case. It hasn’t concluded. I don’t talk about cases that are never concluded. When you enter a nolle in any case, it is not a concluded case,” she insisted.

Asked to explain how she deals with cases involving her personal friends, the DPP said it was part of her job ethics to remain professional regardless of the person who is being prosecuted.

Meanwhile, DPP Siyunyi said it was not true that she had personal business to do with former Tourism Minister Ronald Chitotela.

“Business with him? How? Which business? Is it because of a range rover story?” she wondered.

Asked to explain the allegation that she was the absolute owner of the car which the former minister was driving, registered under RKC Car Hire, Siyunyi challenged this reporter to produce any document that would substantiate the claim, stressing that it was not true.

“If you bring documentation showing that, I will gladly answer you. I will be happy to clear this story once and for all because ever since I came with that car from the UK, it has been a problem. So go and bring documentation and I will answer you,” she said.

Meanwhile, when asked if it was true that the State entered into a settlement with Chitotela to pay K100,000 and surrender an unfished building for his cases to be dropped, DPP Siyunyi said that was a question that would be best answered by the Anti-Corruption Commission that made the arrest.

“Go to ACC and find out. Then if they send you back to me, then I will answer you. But start with ACC,” she said.