PF acting secretary general Nickson Chilangwa says the person who leaked the letter from the Director of Public Prosecutions to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) was trying to lure the DPP into a trap.

In an interview, Chilangwa claimed that “a lot of people will go” if the DPP was to leave office.

“Let the DPP perform her functions without undue influence, without threats. It is totally unbecoming of the UPND to continue threatening office bearers who are doing their job that they were employed to do. What kind of behaviour is that? Do they think this country belongs to them and only those who believe in them and agree with them should be allowed to operate and work? The issue of that nolle prosequi goes deeper than the eyes see it. Who leaked that letter from the DPP to the DEC, who leaked it to the press? Because it clearly said ‘confidential’. They did that deliberately so that they can lure somebody into a trap but I am telling you the truth that if the DPP goes because of this letter, a lot of people will go,” Chilangwa said.

“That letter was leaked by somebody who wanted to undermine the DPP. That letter was leaked by somebody who doesn’t understand how these things operate. If you look at that letter since it is in public domain, all she was saying is ‘we entered a nolle prosequi and you cannot re-arrest somebody on the same issues that the DPP has entered a nolle prosequi on’. It is unconstitutional. And how does that become a problem? How do you want to hound out and stampede the DPP in the fashion that they are doing? What the UPND are doing is unacceptable, intolerable and it will not be allowed to proceed.”

Chilangwa said it was too early for the UPND to be acting in such a manner.

“And (Obvious) Mwaliteta should keep his big mouth shut for a change. He should be the last one to be shouting. Who does Mwaliteta think he is? Does he think that UPND will remain in government forever? What goes round comes round. And they have just started doing things too early. It is only a party that has been in government for a long time which should start doing these things. But if you start doing these things in your eight months in government, then it becomes very frightening where we shall be after two years. It is only a desperate regime which goes to all these lengths, so does it mean that the UPND are so desperate? Is that why we are seeing the President going to campaign in ward elections? Is that a sign of desperation?” he wondered.

When asked if more PF members would be harassed if at all the DPP was to be removed, Chilangwa said she would not go anywhere.

“The DPP is not being removed so we shall cross the bridge when we reach it. The DPP is not going anywhere. No office bearer should be harassed! Are they not Zambians to hold those positions? This nonsense must come to an end!” said Chilangwa.