Exactly two years ago, President Edgar Lungu announced to the nation his choice for presidential running-mate candidate. He told the people of Zambia how he arrived at Ms Inonge Mutukwa Wina and what leadership qualities he found attractive in her.

“There is no secret at all that the Vice-President has executed her role very well. If I don’t take her advice, she doesn’t cry and for that reason, I will not change my vice-president. I am going with her in the elections. My running mate is Inonge Wina. No football coach would want to substitute a player who follows instructions. The rest of you must wait,” said President Lungu to a cheering crowd at Heroes Stadium on May 21, 2016.

We can now see that President Lungu had a clear vision when selecting this particular running mate. He knew then that there would be tireless raping of the Constitution and a fierce looting competition under his administration; as such, he didn’t want anyone who would stand firm and challenge his bad governance.

President Lungu was looking for a “Yes Bwana” running mate; someone who would be a figurehead with no ounce of influence. He wanted a running mate who could support unlawful orders without asking questions; a sleepy Vice-President who could not outdo his illegal dealings. This is what President Lungu saw in bo Inonge Wina.

True to President Lungu’s plans and expectations, the Zambian Constitution has been raped left right and centre. The theft of public resources is a few million dollars away from the Guinness Records, yet our Vice-President is sitting ndwii and watching.

All the wrong things that President Lungu wants to do, he is able to do, and Vice-President Wina is failing to be a voice of reason to the Head of State. Why? What is the essence of having an elected presidential running mate who is just going to be tossed aside like a pumpkin in a maize field invaded by monkeys?

A presidential running mate is one of the biggest landmark amendments to our Constitution, and the idea was to provide security of tenure to the Vice-President so that when the Head of State breaks the law, he or she can stand with the people to defend the right cause.

Our Vice-President is behaving like she can be fired if she challenged President Lungu’s deeds. Instead of being the number one watchdog for the people of Zambia who voted her into office, she is busy competing with Bowman Lusambo in bootlicking the Head of State.

We appreciate the fact that bo Inonge has no further political ambitions above what she has already achieved, but what about the citizens who gave her a mandate to serve her own five-year term in office? What legacy is she building for herself as Zambia’s first female Vice-President and first Presidential running mate? What must we remember her for?

We are not inciting the VEEP to become cantankerous and pick unnecessary fights with the Head of State. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her being loyal to the boss, but being gullible is a totally different issue. This is a fairly good politician with hardly any scandal in her career, but what’s the benefit of being an honest leader if you can’t stand up to criminal elements around you?

Vice-President Wina needs to stand up and be that voice of reason. At the moment we are not seeing her playing any meaningful role in the affairs of the country. What does she say to President Lungu when they meet behind closed doors? Does she have the courage to point at these numerous scandals and say “Mr President, let’s stop the rot”?

Please bo Ma! If you think our demands are baseless, talk to the people in the Patriotic Front and hear how many are happy with the State of Affairs. Look at how the impeachment motion unsettled State House. That is a sign that the members of parliament and the presidency are not singing from the same hymnbook.

We know you are tired mama, and you can’t wait to retire from all this confusion. But Zambia needs you now more than ever before. You are the only leader in this government whom President Lungu can’t touch. He can be as angry as he wants to be with you, but he can’t terminate your mandate.

Face the President; tell him that the theft under his reign has became unreasonable. You have to be that superwoman for Zambia mama. Don’t be afraid. If you think that is too huge a task for your energy levels, go ahead and resign. But know that you will have misrepresented the will and determination of the women in Zambia.