GBM rejoins PF

Suspended UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says he has been left with no option but to rejoin the ruling Patriotic Front.

At a press briefing today, GBM said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is a stubborn man who would do well to abolish the position of vice-president because it is irrelevant.

He has vowed to dismantle UPND.

GBM has also apologized to President Edgar Lungu “for all the insults he showered on him”.

“HH has been having meetings with senior party officials that they should not align themselves with the vice-president…There fear is that I was going to challenge HH at the convention,” said GBM.

When rumors of GBM rejoining PF began a few months ago, he refuted them saying he would rather form his own party than join “tukabolala (thieves)”.

Among those who flanked GBM was PAC leader Andyford Banda.

Full story later.

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But why
But why

You can’t trust a politician in Zambia. Today they are this, tomorrow they are that; no consistency .He has the right to belong to a party of his choice though.


He has no principles. He has no conviction of what he believes in. Actually we saw him shrinking during the hakainde treason case. He is simply a coward.

But why
But why

Welcome to Zambian politics where morality does not matter.

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