Public and Private Drivers Association of Zambia president Josiah Majuri says the reduction in fuel pump prices is very minimal such that it cannot result in a reduction of bus fares.

In an interview with News Diggers! yesterday, Majuri commended government for the reduction in fuel pump prices but called for further reductions so that drivers could feel the difference.

“As Public and Private Drivers Association of Zambia, we are very happy and very excited about the reduction and we are encouraging government to work extra hard so that there are further reductions so that we enjoy the benefit of being in the transport business. You know business has been very tricky because of fuel and other commodities which went up in the recent past,” Majuri said.

“The commodities am talking about are spares, ZRA, road toll fees, user fees, etc. So now if you look at the way they went up, we did not call for any increment and if you look at the adjustment in pump price, it’s very minimal such that if we are to reduce on bus fares only, it would be a bit unfair because spares are still maintained at the same price, tyres the same price, these other fees we are paying are at the same price.”

Majuri wondered whether the prices would remain stable for long.

“So the reduction will help in cushioning the upward adjustment in other commodities that went up recently. And as you know there was no bus fare increment after those upward adjustments. The trickledown effect which is supposed to be enjoyed by everyone is where we see all the commodities that are transported from point A-B going down, then it will be very fair and all the players would be very happy,” said Majuri.

“For now the cause of the reduction according to ERB is because of the appreciation of the Kwacha. Now we are not sure that this strength will be sustained for how long? So for now we cannot say we are reducing or we are increasing because we are still observing, there may be further reductions. So we observe a bit and make thorough consultations. For now, things remain the way they are as we make observations and thorough consultations. The reduction is very minimal such that it cannot call for a reduction of bus fares.”