People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti says it is worrying to see President Edgar Lungu continue appointing people whose eligibility to serve in public office was disputed and still being adjudicated upon by the courts.

Reacting to the appointment of Margaret Mwanakatwe as Zambia’s Finance Minister, Mulongoti said moving ministers from one place to another was not a solution to bringing back the donor confidence that the country lost.

“For hims as long as it suits him. He knows that she is his relative and that is why he is trying to make her earn her pension by going to the treasury. First of all, that position of Minister of Finance is suppose to be occupied by a person who has got no question mark. How can you even go to the IMF to look for money when IMF even knows that the person they have sent has a questionable election?, she lost a case in the high court? I don’t think Mwanakatwe is such a genius that all of a sudden, the donor community will believe in her and pour money into Zambia,” Mulongoti said.

He said it was worrying for President Lungu to entrust Mwanakatwe with such a sensitive ministry.

“For Mr Lungu there is nothing new. You recall that even Dora Siliya still had a matter in court but he went on to appoint her. So for him, those things are very normal, his morality is very questionable. He knows the consequences of that. Unless he is telling us that he is putting pressure on the court not to make a decision on that. The constitution makes it very clear on matters that go to court from Parliament. We are now worried why they are taking us so long and he continues appointing them even when he knows that their stay is questionable. So its a source of worry for all of us. There is no respect for the Constitution, there is no respect to the provisions of the law,” Mulongoti said.

He added that moving people from one ministry to another with a hope of building international confidence was a waste of time.

“The only solution for this country is change of regime which will attract sympathy. Look at what’s happening in South Africa, look at what happened in Zimbabwe, anywhere else where there is change of regime, you build confidence in the international community. So even by moving people around thinking that you are going to find a solution, nothing, it’s just a waste of time and money,” said Mulongoti.