Sinda Independent member of parliament Masauso Tembo has warned people in his constituency not to sell the fertiliser and seed they get from agro-dealers, saying doing so is tantamount to stealing from government.

In interview after visiting his constituency at Isaac Village, Tembo said the government’s aim was for farmers to benefit from their farming, and that if farmers sold inputs they get from government through agro-dealers, they are stealing from government.

He also cautioned warned farmers against depending on relief food, but that they should be able to produce bumper harvests with their agricultural systems.

“If there are farmers that redeem the fertiliser and then sell it rather than them using it, then it’s a shame because they are not punishing government, but themselves since it is them to benefit and not anyone. People should learn to take things seriously; it’s not good to always depend on relief, what we need is to do away with relief food, but have enough in our [homes]” Tembo stated.

He stressed that if farmers were found wanting they would face the law because selling the inputs was effectively stealing from government.

“No one [can] steal from government and go away unknown. If they are selling what government gives them, then time will tell, but it’s unfortunate if they will be found on the other side of the law as something unusual will happen to them,” Tembo warned.

And headman Isaac expressed happiness that local government, through Tembo, drilled a borehole at the village.

“Water was a challenge. We had to move long distances, such as to the clinic to draw water, but with this borehole, we are so grateful as it will help us and other villages. We are so happy that our MP is young, but very energetic and hard working,” he said.