The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) has warned the general public to be conscious when buying consumable products that are on promotion because some may be expired.

In an interview, ZCSA Public Relations Officer, Lee Haamunji said the Agency is deeply concerned that like any other past years, in the first quarter of this year, a lot food products are on promotion, and people are buying in bulk without taking any precautionary measures to guard against expired products.

“We are aware a lot of products are on promotion, and people are buying products, but what we are urging them is that, they should be mindful and conscious by checking expiry dates, when they were manufactured and make sure they buy products that are safe, essentially,” Haamunji advised.

He urged the consumers throughout the country to be ambassadors of good will and advocate for quality products by putting concerted efforts to ensure products sold on the local market are safe for consumption.

“Consumers play a central role because if consumers shun buying products that are not safe, it means people that are selling those products will not be encouraged to continue that business,” observed Haamunji.